Top 10 Ways to Avoid Unwanted Attention at a Social Event

Human is indeed a social animal, and all of us continuously keep getting to know or letting go of people in our lifespan. Not everyone clicks with us. And more importantly, we do not hit it off with everyone. The two of these situations often have a neat line separating them from each other, and it is not uncommon for people to fail at figuring out the hints that you might not be feeling comfortable by their approaches or interactions. Similarly, people try to make advances on the people they find interesting in functions or occasions, without realizing that they might be getting unnecessarily clingy or making the particular person feel uncomfortable by their glances or overtures. There are numerous ways to avoid getting into such a tense situation, even if it requires you to be a slightly softer version of ourselves.


1. Ignore or look uninterested to those who approach


Curiosity kills the cat. It also makes you vulnerable to the attention you so dearly want to avoid running into. Enjoy the event as much as you can, but make sure you ignore the crowd of strangers around you as even the slightest hint of interest from your side and can drive someone’s attention to you. Relax, have a good time, and talk to everyone you know. But do not lose yourself due to the easy mood. Do not pay any mind to anybody unknown who tries and approach you. These few pointers will certainly help you have a hassle-free time.


2. Avoid eye contact


Avoiding the chance of looking anyone in their eyes while passing or looking around ensures that no attention is directed your way. Also, if the damage is done even after all the precautions you took to avoid the evitable you caught some attention, not all hopes are lost. The control on the impairment can be made by avoiding eye contact with the person. Eyes are rightly called the windows to the soul and once an eye contact is made there is no escaping from an interaction.


3. Hang in groups


It is human nature to approach and interact with the individuals who are not busy talking to others or elsewhere. Stability is not questioned, and if it is approached at all not much difference can be made. This theory is the reason why sticking in groups of people can prove to be much more helpful than any other method as it keeps attention from falling on you. The chances of your coming into unnecessary notice reduce stupendously and a group is rarely approached by stags.


4. Don’t talk to everyone, but don’t isolate yourself


As already pointed out, it is important to confine yourself from interacting with everyone. Though it is strongly advised to stay as strict as possible, it is also pointed out that restriction is not equivalent to isolation. Separating oneself from the very act of communicating in a social event highlights a lack of confidence which pulls attention on you. It is assumed that you must be in a low mood or uncertain of approaching others, and in this manner people might begin to approach you themselves so as to help you have a better time. To avoid such a circumstance, do not keep yourself absolutely cut off from the crowd around you, and interact with your known acquaintances.


5. Keep changing your position


A major giveaway when one is attempting to stay low profile can be an idea that people often mistakenly think of as an assistive trick – picking out a supposedly discreet corner in the gathering and adhere to it like glue. They believe that the lesser they get displaced, the easier it would be to stay hidden from most of the eyes. However, it actually helps in making them more noticeable as it makes them seem oddly interesting, thus defeating the purpose. Keep moving instead of sticking to a corner. Not moving unlike the rest actually makes us easy targets, and often people tend to approach merely because they take a note of our stillness.


6. Do what they expect


People who approach a person themselves in social gatherings usually have the same reason to do so if not randomly – they notice something unique or surprising. When their probing eyes fall on someone looking or behaving in an unexpected manner they feel the need to approach and explore. This makes it essential for people to look as common as possible in the gathering they are present at to fool the crowd. Blend in with the crowd, attire wise and action wise as well. Doing what everyone else does and keeping your profile as low as possible is very necessary.


7. Act confidently


The act of keeping conscious of your actions in an event is simple in theory, yet can clog your mind up in implementation. You might start feeling uneasy and not be able to socialize genuinely. However, there is no need to feel out of place. It has to be remembered here that confidence is the key to pulling the tricks off. One cannot look like they are trying at all to dodge the unwanted attention, and blending in would aid in circumventing it. If one starts trying too hard, he becomes a probable target of what is needed to be avoided.


8. Hang with the ones you know


Since people you are not acquainted to are going to present in the gathering, it is safer to speak only to those you are familiarized with. Socializing with random people goes strictly against the attempts of avoiding attention and instead might aid in making you the center of attention. Interaction should be limited as much as possible to those who you are comfortably familiar with, and only for the duration in which they do not get a chance to introduce you to company unknown to you.


9. Don’t be loud


Any social event requires conversations and interactions, and one begins to socialize and getting at ease easily. However, making your presence obvious by talking or behaving loudly is not a spectacular thought. You do not have to bore yourself by staying as hush as possible, but keeping a note of your volume is suggested even when you are talking to your acquaintances. Similarly, every natural action like slipping or spilling a liquid comes into notice of all sorts of people. One does not have to become over-conscious so as keep noticing his activities and appeal on the crowd. Getting drunk is STRICTLY not advisable.


10. Make the outfit blend in


Every social event requires a certain appeal in one’s outfit that must come into picture only once in a while. It is now in fact a culture to look as exquisite as possible for any gathering. However, an outfit does not necessarily have to be an attention grabber in order to make you look stunning. Once you know where you are going to be, and the kind of crowd that is going to be present at the event, it is better to choose outfits that compliment you as well as do not call for excessive attention from random people. As long as you do not carry off anything that catches eyes unnecessarily, you are safe from unknown advancers.

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