Top 10 Ways to Deal with your Recent Breakup

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You just had a heart break and you feel like drowning yourself in his wave of love. But this is not the end; it’s just the beginning to a new life, new world with your true soul mate. Bygones are bygones. It is the perfect time to indulge you in the momentum and enjoy this life with aplomb and kick. If you are still engrossed in his thoughts, still following out his Facebook posts and comments, it is high time you should tell your heart he is not the right person to stick to and lead a forlorn life. It is very difficult to erase his thoughts from your naive heart but hovering over his Facebook posts won’t help you out, rather it will erode your bruises. There are many ways to wipe out his memories and craft fresh ones.


1. Do not roam around searching new relationships:

searching new relationships

You are completely isolated and fragile for now. You just yearn to get a shoulder to cry upon. You are so broken down and to get away with this precarious situation, you try upon new guys in the town. But this cannot kill away your idleness. Everything heals away with time. Your broken heart needs to calm down and heal with time. Peace out with your heart and try not to involve in any other relationships for now. In this meek situation, you might be at the wrong end trying to find love in the new hottie. When you are with friends just be yourself and love the way life is giving you a second chance.


2. Avoid hangouts with him:

Avoid hangouts

You might have a gut feeling that by lurking around his favorite cafe might bring eternal peace to your broken heart but that is just your day dreaming. You might yearn to see his friends and search out his face amongst all unknowns just to bring concord to your storm of feelings. But this might add upon to your woes and bring out reminisce of your beautiful love story. If you stumble across him, with his new girlfriend, stay calm and cool. Stay away from his lovey dovey life as far as possible. It is better to ignore him and his subtle presence around you.


3. Cry your heart out:

Cry your heart out

When he was breaking up, you had nothing to do except to stare at him with eyes wide open. But keeping these emotions inside your little heart would be more aching. Crying is the natural therapy. If you won’t cry, this fury will kill you from inside and rage into an act which would be unnecessary and entirely wrong. So take your time out. Think him as the wall and throw pillows at him. Close the doors and cry for hours until you are devoid of all anger and resentment. This will cool down your soul. Finally you are tired of crying and you might start your normal routine again with delight and bliss.


4. Have fun with friends:

Have fun with friends

When you were in relationship with that idiotic guy, he always wasted your precious time and ripped out your entire friend circle. Now the time has come when you start rewinding your past life, fun and frolic with your true friends. Call out your besties and go on a road trip far along the path where nature meets the sky. Have night outs with them, party harder and let him know that you are far livelier now without him, without his so called love.


5. Block him from your mind, heart and Facebook:

Block him

Social networks were made to engage yourself in others thoughts and connect with them in a flash of light. But after a heart break. It acts like eroding past bruises and rekindle old love. So before being entrapped in the web world, block him..! Blocking is probably the best feature provided in the sites just to vent out all anger in a second. No longer will you have to bear his latest pictures of him laughing his heart out with his latest girlfriend. No longer will you have to yearn for his comment and like in your post.


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