Top 10 Reasons To Be A Social Activist

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6. Fledgling Minds

fledging minds

This reason can especially go for the young people. Those who are a part of the young generation are just in the initial stage of development. Their minds and hearts are yet to absorb the realms of this world. The various requirements to be a social activist, like, passion, energy, dedication, loyalty, commitment, etc. are highly there in the present generation. These fledgling minds therefore own a lot of potential to transform the world around them, with their ideas and actions. The present world is aware and educated and hence capable to form independent opinions and also act and work towards bringing changes in an efficient and different manner. So, social activism, for the new generation’s new minds, is a must, as they have the necessary potential to change the world for good.


7. A Good Work

a good work

Good deeds are for free, they only give golden returns. When we are involved in social activism it is a significant thing we are doing. No matter what we do, which cause we support, how we participate, our contribution to the society is a good deal of work. It is a nice thing to do. Doing refined, meaningful things, has its own advantages, like self-satisfaction, peace of mind, sense of achievement, happiness and motivation. Getting involved in social work gives us all these pleasures consequently. So, the naturally associated sense of goodness with social work and its resulting fruits is a major reason why one should become a social activist.


8. Patriotism


One of the very fundamental reasons to be a social activist is the sense of patriotism associated to it. Working for the society, is working for the country. When you work for the people, you work for the nation. Social activism and patriotism is almost inseparable. Little or big no matter how we are involved with social activities, it counts equally in forming the nation as a better place to live in, thus making us worthy citizens and giving our being, a sense of patriotism.


9. Dynamic


Social activism is a dynamic phenomenon. In this fast moving world what else do we want? Fighting for a cause, protesting, running after something, putting forward your demands, urging for a change, there is so much to do as a social activist. Today, the youth especially is so full of energy, passion and awareness, the dynamites of social activism surely cannot fail to attract them. We all want to do something remarkable, powerful and identical, why not be socially active then? Go for causes, participate in social marches, debate, discuss and work towards bringing a change. This characteristic of social activism gives it the wield to tempt a good number of the young citizen towards social activism.


10. A Long Way To Go

A Long Way To Go

The society ever since running has faced innumerable problems. All across the world, no matter where we go, the basic problems of humanity remain the same. Talking about our own country India, we have a variety of problems, ranging from, inequality, castism, class issues, gender discrimination, female feticide, educational inequality, homosexual recognition, lack of infrastructure, poverty, corruption, legal flaws, and so on. The list is almost endless. This is how things are, when we talk of problems they seem infinite, we can go on listing them in a never ending manner, but when we talk of solutions, most of us has one answer, “nothing can happen”. This is the approach we need to change. We have a long way to go before the social status of our country changes and therefore it is time we start stepping in the social arena and work unitedly to bring in changes. Only with little steps, gradually taken, constantly worked out, will lead to bigger and better changes and improved social situations.

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