Top 10 Peanut Butter Facts that Stick

For the average peanut butter lover, I’ve included a list of top 10 peanut butter facts that stick. Hope you enjoy this article as much as you enjoy a taste sticky, ewey and scrumptious peanut butter.

Top 10 Less Known Facts About Epilepsy

Few people are familiar with details regarding the serious condition referred to epilepsy or seizure disorder other than the things depicted in Hollywood movies. Let's find out a few less known facets of this condition.

Top 10 Interesting Things about Mars

With all the hype created around NASA's latest mission on Mars, more and more people are becoming interested with this planet. While we're patiently waiting for curiosity to tell us more about the Red Planet, let's review some of the interesting things that we already know about it.

Top 10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Procrastination

Procrastinators, as psychologists call them, are people who constantly make decisions that interfere with their overall performance and that have a negative impact on their lives. Without further ado, let's review both the positive and negative effects of procrastination, in no particular order by looking at facts about this lazy activity!

Top 10 Facts About Volunteering For A Medical Trial

Despite the rapid advances of the last century, the medical profession still doesn’t know everything about the human body’s response to disease, so it’s vital to continue studying how disease impacts the body and to develop the drugs that will fight disease and prolong life.

Top 10 Jarring NFL Scandals of All Time

Behind every scandal there are facts, opinions and speculations. I tried to run down through the largest scandals in NFL history. Picking out the facts, here is what I came up with. Please comment if some of this is news to you.

Top 10 Unknown Facts About Kim Jong-Un

With the death of Kim Jong-il on December 17, 2011, came a wave of unprecedented confusion. No one outside of North Korea knows anything about Kim Jong-un. The man lived a mystery life up until 2010 when he received the ranking of a General. Here are just 10 unknown facts which recently came to light upon his succession.