Top Ten Mobile Phones

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Mobiles have become a brand statement for most of us today. We buy the one that matches our personality, and we seek the features which we feel we would be able to use the most. Everyday there is a new mobile that hits the marketplace, and each one seems to surpass the last presentation. But looking at what has been sold over the years and the ones that have remained on the best selling list – here is our choice of the best mobiles available today:


1. Apple IPhone 4
Apple IPhone 3G

The ultimate machine, the only inhibiting factor seems to be the cost. With all the amazing technology that Apple manages to produce, it has been a best seller from the time it hit the marketplace. Visually appealing, it incorporates featrures which other mobile phones can only aspire for.


2. Nokia 5800 Music Express
Nokia 5800 Musicexpress

Nokia tops the list of mobile phone manufacturers and many believe this to be their finest model. It has touchscreen capabilities, and is the ultimate multimedia model. It is believed to be Nokia’s alternative to the IPhone.


3. Nokia E 71
Nokia E 71

This is a phone built for business people and those on the move. High speed connectivity, and excellent sound quality, are among its many features. It has the same superb quality that has become a hallmark of Nokia.


4. Blackberry Bold
Blackberry Bold

Most Blackberrys look like they are extensions of the hand which hold them. They are omnipresent, and seem to have become indispensable. Style and utility rolled into one, they are computers on the go. This particular model has been their best selling phone.


5. Sony Ericsson Xperia X1
Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

A slide out keyboard, a 3” TFT touchscreen and the Windows Mobile 6.0 version have made this into a great mobile to have. The screen display is phenomenal, and even in sunlight you are able to see it clearly.


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