Top 10 Whitewater Rafting Places In The World

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Daniel Roy Wiarda describes adventure as, “pursuit of life”. This thirst for adventure is no more the feed meant for few daring spirits. And there is no better way to celebrate life than going on an adventure holiday. Among all other adventure rides, white water rafting undoubtedly ranks ahead, because of the degree of thrill and excitement associated with it. For those braves who are ready to accept the challenge to ride the untamed waves, here’s a list of top 10 white water rafting places all around the world.


1. Zambezi River (Zimbabwe)

Topping the list is the Zambezi River in the Victoria Falls with the brute and splashing waves, making your rafting experience wild and aggressive. The long rapid, obstinate gradients and highly build-up pressure is sure to send a chill down your spine. Only an experienced rafter with ability to raft at grade 5 is advised to dare to test the waters.


2. Colorado

Rafting in the Colorado River would be an experience hard to forget. And makes it more exclusive is the sight of the natural flora and fauna offered by this river. There are numerous rafting tours offered in Colorado. There are a plethora of options available with rivers like the Arkansas River, the Colorado River and the Dolores River.


3. Costa Rica

The cherished destination of Costa Rica has many whitewater rafting prospects. The excitement which this place has to offer surrounds everything while you raft on the dashing waves of the river; from cool waters to wildlife expedition. Few of these opportune water bodies in this area would be Reventazon, Sarapiqui, Savegre and Pacuare.


4. Nepal

Nepal, the country of mountains with the highest mountain peak in the world has a lot more excitement to offer when it comes to white water rafting. With the feral waves of the river Kosi and river Marshyandgdi, the rafting experience offered here is not for the weak hearted. But once you accept the challenge, you can bet upon the fun of adventure.


5. Australia

Here you get a chance to explore the ancient rainforests making your way through the foamy waters. This country has rivers like North Johnstone River and Nymbodia River which provide the ultimate water rafting experiences. For all the whitewater rafting enthusiasts a visit to these places in Australia is a must.


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  • Zachary Collier

    This is an interesting list. I think most people would put Idaho’s Middle Fork of the Salmon River in in the top 5. It’s 100 miles of Class III and IV, has wonderful wildlife, tons of history, and many hot springs along the way.

    The photo next to #2, the Colorado River, is actually taken on an ECHO trip at Tappan Falls on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River. If you look at the boat you’ll see that it says ECHO. We have this same photo hanging on the wall at our office and it used to be on our web site.

  • Courtney

    How could you forget New Zealand!

  • Northwest Rafting Company

    Yeah, the list is a little bit off. If it’s supposed to be list of all around great river trips, here’s a better list:

    1. Arizona’s Grand Canyon of the Colorado
    2. Idaho’s Middle Fork of the Salmon
    3. Nepal’s Karnali (or Kali Gandaki)
    4. Alaska’s Alsek (or Tatsenshini)
    5. Chile’s Futaleufu
    6. Oregon’s Rogue River
    7. Africa’s Zambezi River
    8. California’s Tuolumne River
    9. Australia’s Franklin River
    10. Siberia’s Katun River

    For heart-pumping whitewater alone, here’s the list:

    1. California’s Cherry Creek
    2. The Futaleufu
    3. The Zambezi
    4. Nepal’s Marsyandi
    5. New Zealand’s Kaituna
    6. West Virginia’s Upper Gauley
    7. Calfornia’s Forks of the Kern
    8, 9, and 10. Any number of awesome rivers in New Zealand or Nepal

  • Maila Gurung

    For Nepal it has to be the Sun Kosi. ONe of the top ten rivers in the world, it really is an amazing experience.

  • Josh Gore

    I am curious about river surfing. do you know any river waves like rapid 11 zambezi?
    Please let me know.