Top 10 Most Powerful Brands in the World

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These brands are powerful because they are both financially strong as well as popular among consumers.


1. Google

This brand is valued at about 66 billion dollars and is undoubtedly the most powerful brand in the world. This search engine was started by Sergey Brin and Larry Page in 1996. Google is known for its unique innovations and mind-boggling growth rate. Google has become so big that the term is now in the dictionary.


2. General Electric

General Electric has been valued at about 61 billion dollars which makes it the second most powerful in the world. GE looks into a number of spheres including industrial technology, information technology, financial services, oil, films and much more. GE is very popular in India as well.

3. Microsoft

Microsoft Corporation earns about 44 billion dollars on a yearly basis and its brand value is about 54 billion dollars. Bill Gates owns the brand and founded it in 1975. Microsoft provides employments to over 75,000 people across the globe and Gates is both feared and admired by competitors.


4. Coca-Cola

This brand has been valued at approximately 44.134 billion dollars which makes it the fourth most powerful in the world. The company was incorporated in 1892 by Asa Griggs Candler. It was later bought by Woodruff and Bradley. While it may not be the most powerful in the world, it is definitely the most well-known.


5. China Mobile

The brand has been valued at about 41 billion dollars and is the country’s largest mobile operator. It has over 290 million subscribers and its turnover is almost as much as Vodafone year after year. China Mobile is extremely popular in Hong Kong and is the largest there.


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