Top 10 Stock Exchanges in the World

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1. New York Stock Exchange

Country: United States

Domestic Marker Cap: $ 11,837 Billion

The New York Stock Exchange, the world’s largest stock exchange, is located on Wall Street, in New York, USA. The average daily trading on this stock exchange is about $ 170 Billion. It merged with the completely electronic stock exchange Euronext in 2007. Started in 1792, it was first called the New York Stock & Exchange Board. It trades in the continuous auction format, where traders act as agents and execute stock transactions on behalf of investors. The total capitalisation of listed companies on the NYSE is $ 12.25 trillion.


2. Tokyo Stock Exchange

Country: Japan

Domestic Market Cap: $ 3,306 Billion

Located in Tokyo, Japan, the Tokyo Stock Exchange has 2414 listed companies. It has a combined market capitalization of US$3.1 trillion and was founded in 1878. The London Stock Exchange (LSE) and the TSE are now developing jointly traded products and sharing technology which makes it beneficial for both economies.



Country: United States

Domestic Market Cap: $ 3,239 Billion

“NASDAQ” originally stood for “National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations. It is the largest electronic screen-based equity securities trading market in the United States. It has more than 3800 companies listed and has the maximum trading volume as compared to any stock exchange in the world.


4. Euronext

Country: Belgium, France, Holland, Portugal

Domestic Market Cap: $ 2,869 Billion

Euronext is a European Stock Exchange, based in Paris. It had a market capitalisation of US$2.26 trillion. Its merger with NYSE made it the first electronic stock exchange. Formed in the year 2000, it has 1400 companies listed. Currently, the trading volume is USD 25 Trillion.


5. London Stock Exchange

Country: United Kingdom

Domestic Market Cap: $ 2,796 Billion

Founded in 1801, The London Stock Exchange, is among the largest stock exchanges in the world. It has 3000 companies listed and is part of the London Stock Exchanges Group. It is also referred to as the William Morris. It has the maximum number of foreign companies listed and is completely electronic.


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