Top 10 Bizarre Things you should Know about Sausage

Sausages, also known as bangers by the British, are consumed by millions of people all over the world. Call it chicken or pork sausages, people love having a bite of these long sized and tasty food. There is not one country in the world where sausages are not loved and almost worshipped, such is the fan craze of this particular food. Sausages are well known to pep up even normal dishes when they are added to it, and are also enjoyed as a light bite snack every now and then by people. Sausage consumption has grown tremendously over the years with more people and even more restaurants introducing and coming up with more different types and ways of making and cooking sausages. People love sausages and is considered one of the most favourite dishes all over the world. People prefer eating sausages to an extent wherein they cross all limits and boundaries, which then gives birth to some bizarre and exciting facts about sausages. Here is a list of the top 10 bizarre things you should know about the finger licking good sausages!

1. Hairy Sausage


The inventory of the Hairy Sausage is still unknown, but it first started in Russia and people instantly fell in love with this bizarre looking dish. The hairy sausage definitely looks weird and strange, and would probably even send the creeps down your spine for a few minutes, as the sausages are made by sticking lengths of hard spaghetti into a sausage, and boil it in water. This concept and idea of haired sausage has taken people to resorting to more fun and new experimentation on bald sausages, because the haired sausage might just look shaggy, but it taste wonderful at the end.

2. Sausage fanatic


Stefan Paladin of New Zealand had created a record of eating the most number of sausages in a minute. He ate a whopping eight whole sausages in one minute at the Ericsson Stadium in Auckland, which means eating one sausage in about seven seconds. Other participants could eat at the most four sausages in a minute, which makes Stefan Paladin’s record eating eight sausages a minute an unbroken and unbeatable one till date.

3. Longest Sausage


J.J Tranfield of Sheffield, UK, made a Guinness Book of World Records by making the largest sausage in the world, which is a proud 59.14 kilometres long. A person would need to walk 20 hours at a stretch to finish the route along the sausage from its beginning to the end. The record took three days to be complete and remains a record which is still unbroken.

4. Sausage Museum


The Currywurst Museum in Berlin proudly shows and boasts off the historical and legendary Currywurst, a pork sausage served with spicy curried ketchup. This sausage museum is extremely cool and very unique and different when it comes to comparing it with other historical museums. One can buy sausages and taste different types of pork sausages and suit them according to the sauce which fits their palate. Visitors are also revealed the spices and the origin and history of the particular sausage dish, which actually makes the art of eating and knowing sausages all the more interesting.

5. Sausage Degree


Germany has become the sausage capital of the world, thanks to the Sausage Academy which has thousands of students coming in from all over the world to learn more about the ideal lagers, mustards and music which would go best with sausages. Till date, this academy has given out 1300 degree certificates to students who successful passed out of the college with greater knowledge and understanding of German sausages. And to add it all, students can ever proceed for a Master’s degree in sausages!

6. Sausage Duel


The sausage duel has a long legendary story behind it. Otto van Bismark led the German government during the 1860’s and Rudolph Virchow had challenged Bisamark’s authority as he believed that the typhus epidemic was making  people ill, and this epidemic was being caused due to poverty as a result of lack of opportunities and lack of democracy, which was apparently the way Bismark governed the country. So instantly Virchow challenged Bismark saying that Bismark was responsible for the epidemic and thus decided on a duel. Because Virchow was not that a combat when it came to pistols, he chose two sausages he had made for the duel between Bismark and him. One sausage was normal whereas the other one was loaded with deadly Trichinella larvae by Virchow. Because there was a clear 50-50 chances of them both surviving, Bismark drew himself out of this duel and thus Virchow was successful; in saving himself just with the help of sausages.

7. Sausage for Birds


In 2010, an Australian kookaburra was unable to fly as she was found to be excessively overweight and obese. The reason was that this little bird was fed way too many sausage barbeques and thus became too fat to fly by herself. With something very unlike for birds to eat sausages, this kookaburra was kept under a sausage-free diet to help her lose weight and return to normal.

8. Sexist Sausage


Ever heard of male and female sausages? Well, at the German Edeka supermarket chain, you do find the Frauen (female) and the Manner (male) sausages being sold openly to customers. This selling tactic has definitely turned the selling of sausages into a very sexist controversy, as male sausages are longer whereas the female sausages are lean and half the size of male’s . it is also claimed that the female sausages are comparatively expensive as they contain high quality meat. This categorization of sausages into male and female has given rise to the sexist sausage theory, with people waiting for their gender equality.

9. Shrine of the Holy Sausage


A small little kitten somehow found its way into a sausage manufacturing factory and entered into the pipeline, whose corpse landed in one of the sausages which were being used by Krod Yotchomrang. On seeing the surprised sight of a kitten lying dead in a sausage, she arranged for a small shrine for the kitten and spread the word near and far. Gradually, people came and visited this shrine and also confessed that their life went through good turns after praying at the Shrine of the Holy Kitten-Sausage, as Krod and her family themselves won good money on several lottery tickets.

10. Sausage Addiction


People get addicted to almost everything, and in the case of David Harding, it is sausages. This man has confessed that his life is next to impossible without sausages and that he gets panicked and stressed out every time he sees shortage of sausages in his refrigerator. Harding is addicted to sausages and all the treatments which he has undertaken till date has gone in vain. He is particularly addicted to McWhinney’s Irish Pork Sausages and eats about 15 sausages a day, and probably still requires more.

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