Top 10 Bar Drinks

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With innumerable bar drink recipes circulating across the web, it is really difficult for someone to find the perfect drinks for a cocktail party. Whether you are planning to throw a party, or going to want to hang out with friends and enjoy a night out, you need to know about the bar drinks. Everyone has a taste of his own, and that is the reason bar drinks vary from one place to another. A drink that is popular in the nightclubs of Las Vegas might not be the best one in the pubs of London. Therefore, it is always safe to possess some idea of the different types of bar drinks, and, at the same time, avoid embarrassing situations when you hang out with your friends or with your partner. As you know, the popularity of bar drinks varies from one place to another, and it is literally impossible for someone to collect information of every drink recipe. However, if you want, you can at least check out the top ten bar drinks that you can find in almost every bar. Whether you are planning for a home bar or just for partying with friends, this top ten bar drink list could be helpful.


1. Margarita

Margarita, one of the most popular cocktail drinks, is available in different variations. Conventionally, Margarita is known to be a cocktail of orange liquor, lime juice and tequila. Yet, there are other variations like blue margarita, blue lagoon margarita, apple margarita, coco margarita and many more.


2. Martini

If you are looking for a classic drink served in an old fashioned wine glass, Martini is for you. The cocktail, which is generally a mix of vodka and gin, can be served on the rocks or chill, depending on your taste. Yet, there are variations like bone dry martini, dry martini and many more.


3. Mojito

Someone who wants to get a little tipsy can surely opt for Mojito, which is a combination of rum, mint and sugar. This popular drink can refresh your mind in the summer days. Mojito, which was initially a popular bar drink of Cuba, is now popular in all tropical countries.


4. Bloody Mary

If you are looking for some vodka cocktail, you can surely opt for Bloody Mary. Made with a mixture of tomato juice and vodka, Bloody Mary can be the perfect drink for a winter morning. You can add some spices to garnish this drink.


5. Beer

Icy cold beer with white foam on its top is undoubtedly one of the most popular bar drinks across the globe. Though drinks made with beer are not classified as cocktails, it enjoys popularity in almost every bar. If you want to warm up yourself on the winter nights, beer is for you.


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