Top 10 Car Racing Championships

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First came the invention of cars and then began car racing. The first cars were raced in Paris in 1887 and since then there has been no looking back. The races happened within cities and from one city to another. Only in the 1900s were the first racing circuits built. And then arrived the car racing championships, which are popular throughout the world. These championships are managed by varied organizations based in the countries where they operate. In the sports category, car racing has a major audience viewership. Today there are many types of car races which are undertaken like the Formula One races, touring car races, production car races, stock car racing, kart racing, etc. Given below is a list of top 10 car racing championships held across the globe:


1. FIA Formula One World Championship:

This is a car racing championship of the highest class. The best and the fastest cars from all over the world participate in this championship. The races are called Grands Prix, which are run on specially built circuits or on public roads. The reason it is called formula series is because there are certain rules set out for the racers and their cars. Only participants adhering to these rules are allowed to participate. It has a huge audience throughout the world. Because of its huge popularity, it also succeeds in getting huge sponsorships for the racing events.


2. FIA World Rally Championship:

This championship is a series of 2 to 4 days events. The tracks on which the racers drive are some of the toughest in the world. That is why this championship is considered to be a great challenge to the participants.


3. WTCC FIA World Touring Car Championship:

This is again an international car racing championship. The first championship race was held in the year 1987. It is promoted by Eurosport. This championship series is expanding very rapidly to cover many countries. It is also creating a game franchisee which will reach every nook and corner of the world and will broaden the number of target audience for the championship. The participation numbers, numbers of viewers and its popularity is on a growing spree. It is at the third place after the Formula One and the World Rally Championship.


4. American Championship Car Racing:

This is a national car racing event in the U.S. the cars raced are single seater and the racers are professionals in their fields. These have been similar to formula one cars and they are popularly known as Indycars. These cars are not as technology-driven as the F1 cars. But this is because there was a need to cut costs in order to increase participation. The Indianapolis 500 – mile race is one of the most important events of this national championship.


5. Le Mans Series:

This is an European sports car racing championship. It is managed by the Automobile Club de l’Quest. It was decided to keep the championship Europe based rather than international. This was done to attract many sportscar teams to the series. This championship has been expanding throughout Europe year – by – year.


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