Top Ten TTC Acronyms

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TTC has a number of acronyms. Many are funny and others are quite popular amongst those living in specific regions. Here are the top 10 TTC acronyms, funny and businesslike.


1. Toronto Transit Commission (TTC):

This is the most well-known TTC acronym. Millions of People take the Toronto Transit Commission every day to a destination of their choice, whether it be work, clubbing and/or leisurely purposes. The commission has operated buses, subways, streetcars and rapid transit services since 1958.


2. Take The Car (TTC)

This is a good way to play a joke on someone who takes the TTC, Toronto Transit Commission. One can really quiz him on what the name stands for.


3. Time to Collision (TTC):

As a traffic conflicts technique, Time-To-Collision (TTC) is an excellent way to assess the ratings of the severity of traffic conflicts and to discern perilous from normal behavior.


4. Text the Call (TTC):

The feature connects texts to a telephone number. When one calls, they also send out an instantaneous text message to the calling numbers.


5. Trans Texas Corridor (TTC):

This was a proposed Texas transportation system that was scrapped in the early construction stages.


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