Top 10 Largest Islands Shared Between Nations

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Islands are at times divided between countries and nations. Some live peacefully, others have fought bloodily to get what is theirs. Here is just 1 list of Top 10 largest islands divided between 2 or more nation-states.


1. New Guinea

Sharing Countries: Indonesia/Papua New Guinea

Area: 785, 753 Km2

Description: This is the second largest island and is located in the southwest Pacific Ocean. Anthropologically New Guinea is a part of Melanesia. Politically, the western half of this island is divided into 2 provinces: Papua and West Papua (both Indonesian territories). The eastern half is its own country, Papua New Guinea.


2. Borneo:

Sharing Countries: Indonesia/Malaysia/Brunei

Area: 748, 168 km2

Description: This is the third largest island in the world and is near Java Island, Indonesia. 3 countries currently have a claim to the island. Here one can find the oldest rainforests in the world.


Brunei: 1%

Indonesia: 73%


3. Cuba:

Sharing Countries: Cuba, USA

Area: 110, 861 km2

Description: The Island consists of one main island and several smaller islands. During the Spanish-American War, Spain relinquished its territories to the latter. Then territories included

Puerto Rico, Cuba Philippines and Guam in the Treaty of Paris in 1898. When taking office, Theodore Roosevelt abandoned the treaty and gave Cuba its independence in 1902. The loophole allowed US to retain rights to intervene in Cuban Affairs and allowed US to lease Guantanamo Bay from Cuba (Platt Agreement).


4. Ireland:

Sharing Countries: Ireland/UK

Area: 81,638.1 km2

Description: This is the third largest island in Europe and 20th largest in the world. The Island is split politically between Great Britain (North Ireland) and the Republic of Ireland.


5. Hispaniola

Sharing Countries: Dominican Republic/Haiti

Area: 81, 638 km2

Description: This is a major island in the Caribbean. It recently made news in January of 2010 with a deadly earthquake in Haiti. The Dominican Republic side was unaffected. Both countries are different as Dominicans speak Spanish and Haitians speak French and Creole.


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