Top 10 Unanswered Harry Potter Questions

The epilogue to Harry Potter was vague and missed a number of topics many fans still have questions lingering. Here are 10 questions that pop into fans heads after finishing the books. Many interviews were really a lame way for Rowling to stop from admitting her faults.


1. What happened immediately after Voldemort’s fall?

What was the reconstruction like? Hogwarts and the ministry of magic was totally destructed. Who took leadership? The questions should have been answered in book and not in an interview on television.


2. What happened to George after Fred died?

Nothing was ever mentioned about George and how he coped with his twin’s death. Those who are die hard fans of Harry Potter will never know as the epilogue was only a couple of pages long.


3. What happened to the remaining death eaters?

The death eaters committed various crimes including murder. Nothing in the book made mention of their punishments. Justice was never served for those wanting it.


4. What was done to prevent dark magic from reoccurring?

I am sure many wizards and witches learned from the error of the Voldemort period. Many, like myself, wonder what preventative measures were taken to prevent such a catastrophe from occurring.


5. What happened to Teddy?

We briefly see Teddy in the epilogue, already a teenager. How has his orphaned life changed him? Who raised him after his parents were murdered? No mention was made in the book.


6. How were horcruxes created?

The horcruxes were an essential part of the last book and the story of Harry Potter. There was no mention of how they were created. The book dealt more with why they were created.


7. What ever happened to Dolores Umbridge?

People and readers really learned to hate this teacher. They wanted something bad to happen to her or see at least some justice. The book never addressed Umbridge’s life after Voldemort.


8. Did Harry ever make amends with the Dursleys?

The Dursleys deep down inside loved Harry. They would not have kept him in the house otherwise. How has their relationship changed? Have the Dursley’s learned to accept Harry? No mention of this in interviews or epilogue.


9. What was the meaning of the chapter, “King’s Cross”?

There are mixed questions about the meaning of the chapter. I strongly believe it was left for us to imagine the infinite.


10. What happened to Molly and Arthur Weasley?

I really hope their luck changed and that their money problems disappeared as they did become famous for their triumph over Voldemort.


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  1. Sumari

    Actually all of these questions are answered on JK Rowlings site as you explore it you will find out many thing… Such as Harry becoming the head of the defence against the dark arts at the ministry…He never really sees the Dursleys but he and Dudley seem to be on good terms…Hogwarts is rebuilt by the ministry and Neville becomes principal….and much much more…

  2. Hika

    Wasn’t Neville only a herbology professor ? I never heard of them being a principal ..


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