Top 10 Learning Games for Toddlers

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Today we are going to look at the Top 10 Learning Games for Toddlers. Parents, pay attention to this if you want your children to have a leg up on the rest of the kids their age! These games are for your toddlers, they might seem like simple games to you, but these simple games will make their little brain think very hard, they will learn many skills… Without further ado, here we go!


1. Imagination


When you see your child playing with that box rather than the expensive toy within, chances are he’s imagining it’s any number of things but a box, a fortress, a house, a car. He is so focused on the pretend world inside that box and that gives you the key to the most educational toy your child can have to get him started on the right road to mental development. Playing pretend with him, whether it’s animals in a jungle or playing tea party with your daughter can give them the thirst to learn more in the outside world to expand the adventures in their pretend worlds thus strengthening both their creative and logical minds.


2. Fisher Price’s Learn your ABC’s

Fisher Price's Learn your ABC's

While your toddler’s exposure to computers should be limited, there is one online game that you can play with them to help them learn their ABC’s. ‘Learn Your ABC’s on the Fisher Price Website : A letter is shown and read out loud on the screen and then your child looks for the matching key on the keyboard.


3. The Placement Game

The Placement Game

Cut out pictures of rooms from magazines, also cut out objects that belong in those rooms. (Kitchens with teapots, dishes, etc. Bedrooms with pillows, blankets, etc) Help your child place the right objects in the right rooms. Even if he doesn’t get the right the first few times, this game will help him become familiar with the objects that inhabit his world. This game is great for teaching them what objects inhabit their world. This is also a great time to show them the dangerous things in their world that they should stay away from. While most children learn from touching the stove and finding out that it’s hot, everyone also likes to avoid those costly trips to the hospital and the screaming and crying that come from touching the hot stove top.


4. Books


While this isn’t exactly a game, no one can deny the benefits that reading to your toddler have on him/her. No one can deny that reading to your child brings an untold wealth of benefits for him but before you break out that tome of fairytales, start small. For toddlers, picture books are best, help him name the different pictures and use an animated voice when reading the few words to make it fun for both of you.


5. Puzzles


Puzzles are wonderful tools for teaching not only hand-eye coordination but they are one of the best games for building self-esteem because the child will have the satisfaction of fitting pieces into similarly shaped openings. With every correct placement, he’ll feel even better if you make a big deal over his small victories. You want to start with a small puzzle, with only a few pieces to work with in the beginning, gradually building to more complicated puzzles as he grows.


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