Top 10 Child Friendly Dogs

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Getting a dog while you have toddlers or preschoolers could seem like a bad decision for some people. However, if you take the time to inform yourself about the various dog breeds that are great around children, then the truth is that you could get a four-legged friend for life. It is important to note that searching for a puppy is a crucial phase, especially since the new furry member of the family needs to suit your family’s lifestyle. Following is a list of dog breeds that have a good disposition, ideal stamina, energy levels and are great around kids.


1. The Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever

Perhaps the quality that recommends the Golden Retriever as an ideal pet for families with children the most is its tremendous patience. Since kids will be kids and they will need to burn out a huge amount of energy, you can rely on your Golden Retriever to help you with this task, especially because they really enjoy playing. In addition to patience, this breed is also known for its non-aggressiveness, loyalty and confidence.


2. The Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever

In the eventuality that you live in a home with a large backyard, then an equally good choice for a pet would be the Labrador Retriever. Slightly bigger than the Golden Retriever, the Labrador is a very popular pet due to its loving personality, patience, protective nature and good looks. In addition, according to pet owners the Labradors are quite adorable because they will always try to impress you by showing off with the tricks they learn. And yes, they do tend to learn new tricks really fast.


3. The Poodle


It is important to note that the Poodles we are referring to here are the standard breed and not the small ones, which could become aggressive since they are not raised with the same discipline as a large dog. Or, it could perhaps be caused by the fact they simply hate those ridiculous haircuts given to them by their owners. The standard poodles on the other hand are gentle and smart dogs, not to mention excellent playmates for children. Moreover, because they shed less fur compared to other breeds, they are the right pet for kids with allergies.


4. The Irish Setter

Irish Setter

Similar to the Labradors, the Irish Setter is an ideal pet for families with large backyards. While they might appear calm and lazy due to their majestic red coat, the truth is that these dogs are extremely playful and will require a lot of exercise. In short, if you have a very energetic child, the Irish Setter would be perfect for them. On a side note, unfortunately this breed has the shortest lifespan, as very few live up to 15 years.


5. The Vizsla


In case you really want a pet for your kids, but plan to keep that unmistakable doggy smell off your furbishing, then the Vizsla is the perfect breed to get. Found mostly in Hungary, the Vizslas have been used as hunting dogs for centuries due to their excellent nose and high trainability. Even though they can be dubbed as the best hunting dogs, it is necessary to mention that they get very attached to their adoptive family, with whom they prefer to spend most their time.


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