Top 10 Magical Traditions around the World

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Magic as an art has been the most exquisite form of tricks that are performed by and on various people and objects. This art has always been fascinating and exciting to many, and in many ways is also mysterious as one does not know the trick behind it or the origination and history behind that particular magic. Some magic and witchcraft practices could never be understood than any other person than the magicians or the withes performing them. There are many magic traditions which will never be understood by people as common as us, but they are said to work when performed by some great and experienced magicians, and even worse, some practices performed by witches. There are some magical traditions which are followed greatly and popularly in various parts of the globe, yet hardly people known and are aware of the tradition, base and the purpose behind such practices. Yet, these magical traditions are performed by magicians and only in some countries. Every culture in the world is said to have consisted and comprised of magical traditions and practices, and some of them continue even today without us knowing or realizing it, be it the magicians or the witches. Here is a list of the top 10 magical traditions still performed around the world, which are strange in nature but fascinating on the other side of it.



Reiki originated from Japan, but believe it or not, it is the most popular form of magical tradition followed and believed by people even today. It is based on the belief that a certain kind of life energy flows through our bodies, in the form of ki. A Reiki practitioner puts his palms near the person to be healed, and thus transports this ki to flow in the body of the other person in the form of a healing and positive energy. It is also known as distant healing because of its power to heal people without actually doing anything to them physically or mentally, just allowing your body energy to flow into theirs.

2. Seidhr and Galdr


Seidhr and Galdr are two branches of magic in the Norse traditions. Galdr deals with improving your luck whereas Seidhr deals with divination. To practice this form of magic, one needs to first enter into a trance like state through the use of drugs, fasting and torture, and once the person enters the altered and different state, then only would the person be able to perform this magical practice. This magic deals with fighting with a spirit animal whereas your body is transported elsewhere or sometimes bodies even transforming into animals.

3. Ku


Ku is a magical tradition from China, which is used and practiced to obtain wealth and inflicting pain or remorse on enemies. It is an evil form of magic where the practitioner puts a handful of venomous creatures in a container, until they fight it out amongst themselves and only one remains at the last. Because the remaining last one is believed to have the most poisonous venom in it, the evil practitioner uses this venom to inflict pain on his enemies.

4. Onmyodo


This is another old form of magical tradition originated in Japan, which incorporated beliefs and ideas from religions such as Buddhism, Taoism and Shinto, and mostly derived the magic system used by the Chinese during that time. Onmyodo practitioners believed in the power of Yin and Yang,        the five classic Chinese elements and a tome called the I Ching(Book of Changes). This practice involved the usage of symbols, numbers and calculations which were mostly used in the high court’s to influence decisions.

5. Biodynamic Agriculture


As simple as the name sounds, Biodynamic Agriculture has surely got to do with organic farming and harvesting, but there is more to it. This idea first initiated in 1900’s by Rudolf Steiner believed in some strange practices to be able to make the soil fertile and good for organic growth. Some of these weird practices include that farmers need to kill a cow annually and stuff its guts with flowers, as they believe it’s a magical treatment to improve the fertility of the soil. Some also bury cow horns in the soil and retrieve eh contents later which believably adds magical benefits to the soil and increases the fertility.

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