Top Ten Brightest Stars

The life of a Star begins with a cloud of hydrogen collapsing. Alongside hydrogen, helium as well as traces of heavy elements also collapse and the process of collapsing continues till the core become really dense. Once the required level of density is achieved, Hydrogen is converted into Helium through nuclear fusion process. The star continues to collapse further and this causes the formation of Bok Globules. As the temperature rises, there is further contraction and this continues till the point when gravitational force and gas pressure come to a point of homoeostasis and the resultant formation is termed as a star.


The Top 10 Brightest stars with respect to the Earth are:


1. Sirius


Sirius is the brightest star in the sky. Other names for it are Dog Star, Aschere , Alpha Canis Majoris,  HR 2491 and HD 48915. It is located in the Cannis Major constellation and it is the earth’s sixth closest star. It is about 8.6 light years away from the earth.


2. Canopus


This is the second brightest star in the galaxy. Other names for it are Suhel, Suhail, Alpha Carinae, HR 2326 and HD 45348. It is 74 light years away from the earth and it is located in the Carina constellation.


3. Alpha Centauri


Third brightest star in the night sky, it is also referred to as Rigel Kentaurus. Other names are Rigil Kent, Toliman, Alpha 1 Centauri, HR 5459 and HD 128620. It is 4.3 light years away and can be seen in the Centaurus constellation. This is a triple star formation which includes Alpha Centauri A, Alpha Centauri B, and Alpha Centauri C.


4. Arcturus


Fourth brightest star on the list, it is located in the Bootes Constellation. It is 34 light years from the earth. Other names for this star are Haris-el-sema, Alpha Bootis, HR 5340 and HD 124897.


5. Vega


Located in the Lyra constellation, this is the fifth brightest star in the sky. It is 25 light years away and is three times the size of the Sun.  Other names for this star are Wega, Fidis, Harp Star, Alpha Lyrae, HR 7001 and HD 172167.


6. Capella


This is the sixth brightest star with respect to the earth and is similar in appearance to the Sun.  It is 41 light years away and is located in the constellation Auriqa. It is part of a binary system and rotates around another star. Other names for this star are Alhajoth, Alpha Aurigae, HR 1708 and HD 34029.


7. Rigel


This is the seventh brightest star in the sky and it is part of the 4 Star System. It is 1400 light years away and is located in the Orion constellation. Other names are Algebar, Elgebar, Beta Orionis, HR 1713 and HD 34085.


8. Procyon


11.4 light years away and located in the Canis Minor constellation, this is the eight brightest star in the sky. This is a yellow white star and quite close to the earth. Its other names are Elgomaisa, Algomeysa, Antecanis, Alpha Canis Minoris, HR 2943 and HD 61421.


9. Achernar


A bluish white appearance makes this one of the unique ones in the sky. This star is located in the Eridanus constellation and it is 69 light years from the Earth. Other names for this star are Alpha Eridani, HR 472 and HD 10144.


10. Betelgeuse


This is the tenth brightest star in the galaxy and it is 1400 light years away from the earth.  It is 13000 times brighter than the sun and it is located in the Orion constellation.  Other names for this star are Beteiguex, Al Mankib, Alpha Orionis, HR 2061 and HD 39801.

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