Top 10 World’s Largest Hotels

When one is traveling, one is always looking for the best- the best attractions, the best food and of course, the best hotel. In this list, we consider the largest hotels to be the best.


1. First World Hotel

This massive hotel is located in Malaysia in the Genting Highlands Resort. It has over 6,000 rooms, a theme park, a mall, a rainforest and the hotel. The First World Hotel has over 80 shops, over 90 restaurants, a state of the art Cineplex, karaoke bar and a casino. The hotel has one indoor theme park and one outdoor theme park. The best part is that it has been built on a mountain.


2. MGM Grand

The MGM Grand is in Las Vegas and has 5,044 rooms. Everything in this hotel is either large or massive- nothing in the middle. The statue that stands at its entrance is the largest in the United States, the pool complex stretches across 6 acres of land and the pool is over 1000 feet long. The MGM Grand has over 20 restaurants, 6 lounges and bars as well as two beautiful wedding chapels.

3. Luxor

Located in Las Vegas as well, Luxor has about 4,408 rooms. The hotel is in the form of a pyramid and the entire hotel is decorated with an Egyptian theme. King Tut’s tomb’s replica can also be found under the roof of this hotel. The hotel holds amazing magic shows and motion stimulator rides.


4. Ambassador City Jomtien Hotel

The Ambassador City Jomtien Hotel is situated in Thailand and has about 4,239 rooms. The coastline stretches across 40 acres of land and is known for windsailing and surfing. It has a large jogging track, tennis, volleyball and squash courts and offers every water sport under the sun. In addition to that, their library is stocked with the best and latest books for your needs.


5. Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach

This hotel is in Honolulu and has about 3,386 rooms. This hotel holds one of the largest pools in the country which stretches across 10,000 square feet. The Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach also has a wildlife habitat, holds fireworks shows and submarine rides.


6. Palazzo

Palazzo is in Las Vegas and has 3,066 rooms. The atmosphere of this plush hotel is similar to that of an Italian villa. The suites are massive and come attached with living rooms, beautiful baths, state of the art technology and Roman shades that are remote controlled and.


7. Venetian Macao

The Venetian Macao is in China and has 3,000 rooms. This Chinese hotel is similar to the one in Las Vegas and the space is enough to hold over 80 jumbo jets. The hotel is very popular and has held a number of sporting events, exhibitions and music events. It also offers gondola rides and a magnificent shopping mall.


8. Paris, Las Vegas

Paris, Las Vegas is in Las Vegas and holds about 2,916 rooms out of which 295 are suites. The furnishing is European, the baths are gorgeous and the Eiffel Tower’s replica stands in the hotel as well.


9. Gaylord Opryland

Gaylord Opryland is in Tennessee and has 2,881 rooms. The architects of this hotel created the Antebellum mansion as a steakhouse, indoor gardens which stretch across 9 acres and a beautiful river. Several restaurants and shops can also be found under the roof of this hotel.


10. Pop Century Resort

This hotel is in Orlando, Florida in Walt Disney World and holds about 2,880 rooms. Even though it is slightly expensive, this hotel is recommended for those who are traveling with children.

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