Top 10 Most Haunted Streets In The World

There are tons of haunted houses out there but these haunted streets will scare you just as badly, if not more!


1. A75 Kinmont Straight

This road is often referred to as “the Ghost Road” because of the sheer volume of paranormal activity that has been experienced here. It is said to be the most haunted street in Scotland and people have frequently reported unexplained sightings.


2. Kelly Road

This street is in Pennsylvania- Ohioville to be exact and is the centre of pretty bizarre happenings. According to legend, if any docile and peaceful animal is to enter the street, it will become violent almost instantly without any reason and start chasing anything in sight. People have said that they have heard strange noises coming from the forest that surrounds the street.


3. Dead Man’s Curve

This street is in Clermont County and has lead to the death of many innocent people. In 1969, five out of six teenagers passed away after meeting with an accident. Rick, the survivor says that the street has ever since been haunted by a hitchhiker who does not have face.


4. Boone County

There are a number of streets in this area including Bloodspoint Road, Flora Church, Poole, Cherry Valley, Irene, Wheeler, Pearl, Sweeney and Stone Quarry that are said to be haunted. According to legend, these streets have seen a number of suicides; train accidents and some were also the resting points of a powerful witch.


5. Stocksbridge By-Pass

This street is in England and was built in 1989. Over the years, people have reported seeing children playing on the street very late into the night while a monk stands silently and watches them.


6. M6 Motorway

This street is the longest in England and also the most haunted. While some say that they have witnessed Roman soldiers either walking or marching up and down the road, others say that they have driven past a troubled woman who is constantly asking for a ride.


7. Tuen Mun Road

This street is in Hong Kong and is said to be the busiest one there. It is used the most and is therefore, jam-packed most of the times. If that wasn’t enough, several ghosts have decided to make the experience even worse for those stuck in traffic. They will appear suddenly and startle the driver into swerving off the street. If you do not wish to become one of these ghosts, try to drive carefully and slowly when on this street!


8. Highway 666

This name of this highway in the United States has been changed to Highway 191. Accidents occur on this street, apparitions can be seen and it exudes bad luck. If you see a young girl, do not help her as she will vanish and you will get scared out of your wits. In addition to that, never go there alone because otherwise, a ghost will decide to give you some company.


9. A229 from Sussex to Kent

This street is among the most haunted in England and if you have a weak stomach, you should think about taking another route. This is because people who live around this area have reported that when people try to help some beautiful woman dressed in white, she comes under the wheels and disappears without a trace.


10. Clinton Road

Clinton Road is in New Jersey and people say that if you toss pennies in the water, somebody will throw them back at you- the ghost of a little boy. You may get chased by Satanists or gray wolves. This is definitely the most haunted street in the world and you will be sorry you visited it.

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