Top 10 Most Fascinating Sounds In The World

For some coffee presents a smell and chocolate is delicious. These sounds will please your ears, soothe you and calm your mind.


1. A Baby’s Laugh

Anybody who has heard a baby laugh is sure to agree with the fact that it is one of the most fascinations sounds in the world. It is beautiful and innocent and will make you giggle too! The best part is that it is fairly easy to make a baby laugh!

2. The sound of the waves crashing against the shore

Those who live by the beach are extremely lucky as they can hear this sound through the day. If you are having a bad day, all you need to do is walk till the sandy shores and listen to this sound for hours at a stretch. It is fascinating because it will make you marvel at nature’s sheer ability to make you happy!


3. Singing Sand

This sound can be heard in about three dozen places worldwide. Basically, when the various layers present in sand dunes move against each other due to fast winds, a fascinating and loud booming sound is emanated. It may scare you at first but once you realize why it is happening, you will want to sit down on the cool sand and listen till the sun goes down.


4. The sound of lightening

When lightening crackles through the air, dogs, cats and other forest animals hide under whatever they can find. But if you are in the safety of your home, you will find that this deep and startling sound is actually quite fascinating.


5. Sound of the wind

If you find a large forest, do walk into it as you will find yourself surrounded by tree. The wind will blow and you will hear the crackling of a million leaves across the area. The sound will be mesmerizing in itself and you will make it a hobby to hike through the plush green soil every day!


6. Frozen Ice

If you come across a frozen lake, be sure to stand around and watch it for some time. If the ice is particularly thick and something disturbs it and if starts moving, the sound that will be created will be unlike anything you have ever heard before. If you throw a few stones into the same lake, you can create the same sound.


7. The sound of birds returning

If you live by the countryside, you will be sure to heard the fascinating and beautiful sound of birds coming back after hibernation. The sound of their collective wings moving together is remarkable and you will find yourself waking up at the crack of dawn just to hear it.


8. The sound of rain against your window

When people are asked about their favorite sounds, they are sure to mention this particular one. The ‘tippy-tap’ will instantly rejuvenate you and soothe your senses. Therefore, even if you hear it raining in the middle of the night, switch on the light and listen.


9. The sound of crackling leaves

If you live in a place like New York City, you will be familiar with this particular sound. Autumn time is the best in this city and you will find at least 5 children at any time of the day playing in the beautiful fallen leaves. The sound is captivating and will make you wish you were young again.


10. Wind Chimes

Even though wind chimes are considered to be unlucky in some cultures, the sound is beautiful and enchanting.

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