Top Ten Most Mysterious Individuals

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History would not be as interesting if it was not laced with mysterious and impressive people. Let us look at the 10 most prominent out of the lot.


1. Monsieur Chouchani

Monsieur Chouchani was a Jewish teacher and this was his nickname. Mysteriously enough, his life history was never revealed- neither by him nor his family members. The text on his gravestone was written out by Elie Wiesel-one of his students. His body of work is not known either but the legacy that he has left behind is extremely intellectual.


2. The Poe Toaster

This is again a nickname given to that man who took it upon himself to visit Poe’s grave year after year. He started this tradition in 1949 and visited the cemetery on Poe’s birthday as soon as the sun rose. His face was covered and he wore only black clothes.


3. Babushka Lady

When professionals were going through the footage they had collected on John F. Kennedy’s assassination, they found an unknown woman lurking in the shadows with a camera in front of her face. When the FBI asked her to hand over the footage publicly, she refused outright. She was referred to as the Babushka Lady because she adorned a ‘babushka’ which is a head scarf worn by grandmothers.


4. Kaspar Hauser

In 1828, a young boy was seen roaming the streets of Germany with a letter in his hand. The parchment was addressed to a 6th cavalry regiment’s captain and the letter said that the boy ‘belonged’ to him and that he had never let him step out of house during his lifetime. Hauser went on to say that he had spent most of his life in a small cell with one toy and a bed of straw.


5. Fulcanelli

Fulcanelle is an author’s pseudonym whose true identity has not been revealed till date. It is believed that this man had great knowledge about nuclear weapons and that the German intelligent unit had contacted him.


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