Top Ten Films With Great Soundtracks

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A great soundtrack can work wonders for most films and set the tone for any scene. The following are the top 10:


1. Ed Wood

This movie had a very funky soundtrack and was Howard Shore’s baby. It was directed by Tim Burton and was extremely funny. The music was both soothing and startling at the same time and managed to capture hearts all around the world.

2. The Fountain

This breathtaking film had an equally remarkable soundtrack. The music manages to merge in with the beautiful scenery and is such that it is laced with grace and timelessness. The movie and the soundtrack are both classics and intensely beautiful.


3. Doctor Zhivago

This movie’s soundtrack is undoubtedly the most inspirational of its time. Composed by Maurice Jarre, it is peppered with well picked out themes like revolution, rebellion and paranoia. The fact that it is brilliant was clearly recognized as it won an Oscar.


4. Dracula

This eerie remake was better than the original simply because of its soundtrack. It was picked out in such a way that it merged in with the overall theme of the movie and kept its peculiar style alive till the closing credits started rolling. Dracula’s soundtrack was as terrifying as the movie and it is not surprising that it did as well as it did.


5. Breakfast At Tiffany’s

Breakfast At Tiffany’s is undoubtedly a classic which is not surprising as the legendary Audrey Hepburn was a part of the cast. One particular song won an Academy Award as it was the highlight of a remarkable soundtrack. The movie was graceful and beautiful and the soundtrack has kept it alive all these years.


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