Top 10 Art Pieces Created On The Human Body

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When the term ‘body art’ is mentioned, people instantly think of piercings and tattoos. However, the following art pieces will prove to you that there are other ways of exploiting the human body in the name of art.

1. Gemini

This piece of body art has been named Gemini. The woman chosen for the job was painted in such a way that her arms and breasts were sky blue while two babies were painted onto her legs. She sat with her knees pulled to her knees in such a way that it looked like she was holding the babies.


2. Walking Money

A beautiful woman was chosen to present this piece of art. The area that was painted extended beyond her collar bone till her thighs. The color used was that of money which made her seem like a walking talking one dollar bill!


3. The Man with Two Faces

One half of a man’s face was painted in such a way that it seemed as though he had two faces. His right eye was the left eye of the ‘other face’ and the ‘other nose’ was in line with his own.


4. Woman Holding a Baby

A woman was painted blue and green and her right breast was painted a skin color. A baby was drawn on top of it and her hand was placed in such a way that it seemed that she was holding it.


5. The Giraffe

A giraffe was painted onto a man’s hand and he was told to fold his fingers in. The index and pinky fingers were painted white and were meant to be the ears while the nose was painted onto the wrist.


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