Top 10 Most Revolting Candies

Candies are sweet and are eaten either to improve one’s mood or one’s taste. However, these were manufactured with a different motive in mind. The list will end and you will not be able to figure out the main objective behind their existence.


1. Ear Wax Candy

While this candy may just taste okay, the experience is definitely ruined as it has to be scraped out of a plastic ear. The container consists of a swab as well- thank god. It makes one wonder if kids will start using the swab to eat their own ear wax once the ‘candy’ runs out.


2. Candy Scabs

Again, this candy may just taste okay but they look like real scabs and come along with plasters as well. How can kids enjoy consuming something that looks like it was once oozing blood?


3. Dubbel Zout

This candy is in the form of small balls and is licorice flavored. This may sound okay to you but wait for it- it is also drenched in salt. Dubbel Zout is candy which is salty. This is definitely among the most revolting candies ever and the fact that it looks like a pill does not make it any better.


4. Hotlix Candy

A Hotlix Candy is colorful and is definitely sweet but once the coating is licked off, you will find yourself face to face with a real scorpion. Kids will be expected to consume a scorpion’s guts after ingesting a large amount of sugar. It is difficult to figure out which part is worse.


5. Gorilla Boogers

Gorilla Boogers are black beans which have been dried and sweetened. This candy tastes like dirt which has been doused in sugar. Children should just go outside and sprinkle sugar on some mud and eat that. It will definitely taste better than Gorilla Boogers.


6. Ant Candy

Ant Candy should be compared to Hotlix Candy because it is as bad, if not worse. The manufacturers decided to melt a good amount of sugar in a pan and throw in a handful of ants in the mixture. It makes one wonder if the FDA exists at all.


7. Jane-Jane Tasty Tuna Tidbits

Tuna was meant to be eaten between bread or with lettuce. The manufacturers of this particular kind of candy obviously did not think so as they decided to create candy with sugar, some other unknown chemicals and tuna. Fish flavored toffee. What will they come up with next?


8. Crick-Ettes

This candy is basically crickets which are dead and have been covered with sweeteners and different flavors. They are disgusting and can lead to serious health problems. Nobody should even try to eat them unless and until they are held at gunpoint.


9. Durian Candy

This candy is created from the Durian fruit which smells so revolting that it has been banned in certain Asian hospitals. It makes one wonder why anybody would even try to create candy out of it.


10. BeanBoozled

These jellybeans called BeanBoozled come in 10 colors and 20 flavors. The point is to confuse the consumer by making two beans of the same color. While one will be sweet and normal, the other will be disgusting. The bad flavors include Moldy Cheese, Vomit and Rotten Egg. This makes these candies great for sleepovers, parties and pranks but do not even try to eat them while watching a movie with a boyfriend or girlfriend.

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  1. Pissacha

    Durian is definitely not revolting. For some country that never seen or try it would feel that way but for Asian country it is very common. It is not cheap because its a seasonal fruit. And that fact that it’s banned in some hospital is because its smell. Durian is also banned in many closed-space places like theatre or office because its smell lingers for quite a while and hard to get rid off. The taste of it is very sweet and texture is like avocado.

    Get your facts right before making a list.
    I have to argue with you on Durian but for the Toilet list I’ll say Thailand really do have dirty public toilet.

    PS* I come from Thailand (:


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