Top 10 Ways Of Giving Your Friend A Surprise Birthday Party

Birthdays are memorable and Friends are blessings. So, how would you feel if your best friends plan a surprise birthday party for you? Delighted! Right? Yes it is indeed a delight when you receive a surprise birthday party from your special friends. So, if you too are planning to arrange a special party on your friend’s birthday without letting him know it in advance, here are few tips for you. We listed down top ten ways to give your friends a surprise birthday party:


1. Calling him to a Unusual place

This is one brilliant way to arranging a surprise birthday party for your friend. Ask some of your common friends to group together at an unusual place. It should be a place which your friend will never imagine that there could be a celebration. Give him a call and say him to come to the place u are grouped in. try to convince him about the place and once he is ready to come, you arrange all the small stuffs and make your preparation. Once the birthday boy/girl arrives with confusions and curiosity, take him to a secret room and just light up the place to let him/her discover the party preparation.


2. Midnight Bash

Gather a group of friends and arrange a small meeting in the evening about the birthday celebration of your friend. Just make sure that all the friends are willing and ready to do the same. Decide among yourself to buy a birthday cake and with all small gifts individually. Do not let your birthday friend to know about this event. Take the entire group of friends and gather at the nearest home among yourself to the birthday friend. Wait for it to be the midnight. Just before 10 minute to midnight, drive to the Birthday Friends house and wait for the clock to stuck 00 hours. Ring the bell and see the delight and surprise at your friends eyes.


3. Treasure Hunt Party

This is an interesting way to celebrate a birthday party. All you need to do is to go at the friend’s house when he is at office or at work. Explain your plan to his/her parents or whoever stays in the house with the birthday boy/girl. The plan will go like this. You have to select one room in his house which he normally doesn’t visit. Decorate the room and in the centre place a beautiful birthday cake. Now the main fun is u have to make play cards where you will write hints and directions to the room. Suppose closing the main door and pasting a note saying open door and go to the kitchen straight. In the kitchen past a note saying open the refrigerator and take out the box. In the box just put a note saying your gift lies in this room. And finally when he enters the room and glow the light he finds you all waiting for him with the cake.


4. Fun at Office

This is something unique which your friend would never imagine you would do. Just prior to one day talk with the authority at the office your friend works and say them that you want some half an hour time to just celebrate your friend’s birthday along with his office mates in the office. Once u get the permission, on that very day just go to the work place with your friends and take a room which the office people allot you. Make small decoration in 15 to 20 minutes and then ask the office person to call your friend and his team mates for a sudden meeting in the room. When he/she enters and sees you standing with the cake and decoration, the surprise he/she gets will be amazing.


5. Boycott Birthday Party

This will be the most unusual birthday surprise you can give your friend. Just inform a group of friends to whom the birthday friend is close with that you are arranging a surprise birthday party and you need their help. All they need to do is not receive any of his/her call the whole day. The birthday boy/girl will feel it strange that why at his birthday none of his close friends are calling him as well as receiving his call. This will bring in him a frustration and he will try reaching everyone possible but all should stick to the plan. Then finally give a call to him in the evening and at a serious tone say him there is something really urgent and serious and request him to come to your home as soon as possible. Make all arrangements and be ready with all the friends to give him a surprise at your home. When he arrives he would get the shock of his life to see all there.


6. Box full of Gifts

This is another sweet way of giving surprise to your birthday friend. Group together with as many friends you can and then secretly buy as many gifts as each can. It has to be small and funny things… with some good stuffs. Buy in loads and fill all of them in a big box, it can be a huge box too. Just put everything in a huge box and then drop the box in your friend’s house. The moment he opens it would be a surprise for him to see so many gifts. To make it more fun write a note on each gift and say why you did chose that gift for him.


7. A Special Invitation Party

Organize a small party in your home for your friend and then just try to invite someone who is very special to your friend but he didn’t meet that person since long. Just do the arrangements beforehand so that you make sure that person turns up well in time. Call the birthday friend at the home and ask the surprise visitor to open the door. That will be a pleasant surprise.


8. Early Morning Bumps

This can be another surprising event for a birthday boy/girl. Just go to his/her home in the early morning. Say his mom and dad or whoever he stays with that you are going to surprises him. Take your group and a cake and enter his room with his parents or roommates permission. Surround him from all side and start kicking him. The perfect birthday mornings with early birthday bumps and then make him cut the cake.


9. Make him Feel Special

Arrange a nice paid party in a nice hotel and book a lounge for your friend’s party. Make all arrangements in the hotel earlier and on the day just take your friend to that hotel saying you all need a treat in that particular hotel. It should be a somewhat costly hotel and your friend will be hesitant to take the entire group there. Force him to go and then when he arrives make signals to the waiters or the party in charge to start the event proceedings. He will love it and it would be a beautiful surprise.


10. Multiple Birthday Party

Make a group of 5 or 6 friends and arrange small party in each of the friend’s house. Start calling the birthday friend one by one and just invite him casually to respective houses. Once he visits the houses he will be more then surprise to see the arrangements. And to his happiness he will be really shocked to get 5 to 6 birthday parties arranged by his friends.


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