Top Ten Oldest Artists to have a Chart Topping Single (Solo)

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Here is a list of artists who managed to make an unexpected comeback at a later age. Some artists made it to no.1 lists well into their 70s.


1. Dame Vera Lynn (2009):

Age: 92

Single: “We’ll Meet Again”

Record: Oldest to make it Number 1 on UK charts.


2. Tony Bennett (2011):

Age: 85

Single: “Body & Soul”

Record: Oldest to hit Billboard’s Hot 100


3. Louis Armstrong (1968):

Age: 66

Single: “What a Wonderful World”

Album: What a Wonderful World

Record: No.1 hit on Top 100 Pop Hits


4. Cher (1999):

Age: 52

Single: “Believe”

Album: Believe

Record: No.1 hit on Top 100 Pop Hits


5. Morris Mabley:

Age: 75

Single: “Abraham, Mabley and John”

Record: Oldest artist to hit top 40


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