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Arnold Schwarzenegger and Tiger Woods were recently exposed for their infidelity or shall I say infidelities. This article would be boring if Schwarzenegger and Woods’ mistresses occupied the top 2 spots. There are other more significant mistresses than the ones the 2 celebrities, mentioned above, slept with.

Interestingly enough..some mistresses of celebrities and politicians ended up an engagement ring on their left hand and if far enough a wedding band ring as well. Since the beginning of time, mistresses have been around. Whether they were classified as a concubine or courtesan, mistresses are surely bound to be a part of mankind until the very end. Here is a list of the most infamous celebrity political mistress that made this top 10 list.

It should also be noted that most of these mistresses did not succeed in breaking up marriages and couples remained married after the truth surfaced. Bill and Hillary Clinton are still married and so were John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy.


1. Catherine the Great:

Surprise! Surprise! Yes, the Russian Empress was a mistress of many men during and before her reign. When her husband Peter the Great did not love her and cheated on her, she went on to find a man who would impregnate her. When she dethroned and murdered her husband, she continued to utilize men for her own purposes. She thus tops the list of top 10 mistresses because no one ever thought she would ever cheat.


2. Ashley Dupré:

I am sure everyone knows that Democratic New York Governor Elliot Spitzer cheated on his pregnant wife with a prostitute. Many do not know much about who this prostitute is. The name is Ashley Dupré and she was 23 when the exposé took place. The same prostitute works as a sex columnist at the New York Post and is a singer.


3. Soon-Yi Previn:

Woody Allen may be famous for his movies and musical abilities, but many fail to realize who his current wife (former mistress) really is. She is the daughter of Mia Farrow, Woody Allen’s common law wife (since they dated for 12 years). Previn and Allen married in 1997 and were dating right after the break-up between Allen and Farrow. She was 22 and he was 56 at the time of marriage. I guess it’s not taboo anymore to swim in the kiddie pool (Allen was Previn’s adoptive step-father).


4. Alina Kabaeva:

Vladimir Putin, the former President of Russia and the current Prime Minister has been naughty. Oh yes, it is alleged that he has slept with and cheated on his wife with Kabeava, the 28 year old Olympic gymnast. There are also speculations that they got married in a secret ceremony in 2009 and that he fathered a son with her. Russians are known for secrecy and cover-ups, so this affair is quite possible. I’ll let you decide the guilt.


5. Anne Lundquist:

All mistresses in the United States should check their state laws twice before they think of jumping into bed with a married man. 6 states, including North Carolina, have an active Alienation of Affection statute. Cynthia Shackleford sued the mistress (Lundquist) of her husband (Allan Shackleford) for purposely pursuing her husband and denting her marriage. Lundquist was ordered to pay $9 million in compensatory and punitive damages. The Shackleford’s divorced in 2005. Allan Shackleford pays $5000/month for allimony.


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