Top 10 Promotional Items You Can’t Go Wrong With

As a business owner, you are surely aware of the importance of attending conventions, trade shows and expos. Not only will you be able to meet a lot of new people, but such events provide the perfect opportunity to expand your client base. Considering the visitors will get to check out numerous stands and learn about many companies, you will have to do something special to draw their attention. More often than not, making sure that the potential clients remember you simply imply offering promotional items.

While you could offer standard personalized pens and notepads, it is necessary to mention that your competition will have such giveaway items as well. Let’s go over the top ten promotional items that can capture the visitors’ attention and help them remember your company.


1. Personalized T-shirts

Personalized T-shirts

The all-time favorite promotional item people prefer to receive consists of a free cotton t-shirt. First off, they are available in any color, pattern, design, size and most importantly, if you order a bulk of t-shirts they will not cost you a fortune. It is important to note that you should take the time to find a trendy design for your t-shirt in order to make a good impression. If you start offering a free t-shirt to anyone who tried out your new product/service, then rest assured you will see a line forming at your stand in no time.


2. Bobble Heads

Bobble Heads

Because the work environment is perceived as a rather tedious and monotonous space by most employees, you could consider cheering their desk a bit with a fun Bobble Head. In spite of the fact that they do not have an actual functionality, people still love to display them and you can certain they will show off with their Bobble Head with every occasion. As a side note, since it is very likely that the competition can offer such promotional items as well, don’t forget to customize them so they look like your company’s mascot, yourself or your employees.


3. Custom multi-tools

Custom multi-tools

Even though customers love getting free stuff, they do not appreciate junk or poorly made items. Therefore, if you are going to offer give-away items, then acquiring a quality product represents an investment in your company’s name and brand. Furthermore, since you aim to impress the attendees, you can consider offering a mixture of multi-tool items that everyone could use, such as Swiss army knives or a key chain incorporating bottle openers and a small storage compartment.


4. Toys, puzzles and mini games

Toys, puzzles and mini games

While the popular belief is that toys address children-only, the truth is that adults like to cut loose as well from time to time. Consequentially, if you present them in the right light, you can be sure to draw people’s attention. For instance, you could offer a free Frisbee that you gently throw towards the visitors for a win-win situation. Chances are that somebody will pick it up and come talk to you, while the rest of the attendees will surely remember your “out of the ordinary” means.


5. Mood products

Mood products

The various items that change their colors according to the person’s mood are still trendy. Because they continue to fascinate people after all this time, you have the chance of drawing attention in a new and exciting way. From cans and pens to sport bottles and mood rings, the mood “divination” products are a buzz-worthy and in high-demand promotional item to consider.


6. Koozies


Although the koozie does not seem like much, people love their functionality and they are well aware of their usefulness both indoors and outdoors. In addition to being very useful for your potential clients, the koozies are also beneficial for your company since the customers will constantly remember what your business can actually do for them. The only thing to account for is to choose a striking combination of colors and the right message to place on them.


7. Stress balls

Stress balls

The kids, the busy schedule and the ever-crowded traffic are just three things that people stress about every day. Therefore, your awareness campaign can focus on showing customers that your company has the potential to ease its clients’ stress levels. However, if you want to give the attendees something to talk about for the next week, you should look for stress relief balls in unique shapes and with a daring combination of colors.


8. Tote bags

Tote bags

Irrespective of whether they go to the grocery story or simply walk around the trade show, people will always need bags to store their items while they explore. Available in a wide variety of colors and highly customizable, the tote bag is a surefire method to get your message across at the event as well as other places. Since, as mentioned earlier, people do not appreciate poorly made items (even thought they are free, people’s expectations are still high), make sure that the customizable bag you are offering is sturdy and can withstand some wear and tear.


9. Travel bottles

Travel bottles

Even though people have a plethora of water containers in their homes, the truth is that you can never have too many bottles. Now, if you were to give away customized travel bottles, made of resilient materials, with an interesting design and an attractive combination of colors, you can be certain people will start using your promotional item. Since most people prefer having a travel bottle with their favorite drink with them all the time, you will be benefiting from practically free advertisement.


10. Personalized golf accessories

Personalized golf accessories

If you do not have to stick to a limited budget, then an excellent idea to impress your potential customers is to give away personalized golf accessories or golf balls. Custom golf accessories send out a clear message that you are interested in the various aspects of your clients’ lives. In other words, you do not only see them in the office environment, but you care about their spare time and hobbies as well. However, make sure to do an analysis of your target audience and find out if golf is actually one of their main preoccupations.

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  1. LogoX

    Top 10 promotional items according to me are:
    1. Bags
    2. USB
    3. Tshirts
    4. Mugs
    5. Keychain
    6. Umbrellas
    7. Pens
    8. Diaries
    9. Mouse Mats


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