Top 10 Things Not To Bring For School

The following list reminds those who are going back to school of things they should not bring. Some of these items are illegal and will bring major consequences to those in possession.


1. Expensive Laptops:

All schools have computers students can use. These computers are free of charge and easily accessible with printers, scanners etc. There is no need to buy and pack expensive computers with state of arc programs that cost $1000s of dollars. If you are still packing a laptop or a desktop, a simple and basic computer is needed at most.


2. Cell Phones:

A child really does not need a cellphone while in school and in class. They tend to lose these valuables easily. If a student decides to pack a cell phone, they should store it in their locker.


3. Mp3/iPods:

These items cost $100-$400. It would be a darn shame if a student loses this valuable. It is not an essential item for learning and is not needed. Students mostly bring the mp3/ipods for their personal convenience.


4. Knives and sharp blade items:

When bringing in a lunch, do not pack a kitchen knife with it. These items are illegal in schools. A student could be suspended if found in possession of it.


5. Cars:

Many schools charge for parking. If you are within walking distance of your school or have a bus that can take you, use those alternatives. Cars are not needed and are not essential. Be active and walk whenever you can.


6. Plastic Bags:

Save the environment and use reusable containers for storing food and eliminate the need for big garbage loads. Many schools won’t even allow you to throw your garbage out; they will ask you to take it back home and compost.


7. PDAs and other Gadgets:

Many schools will already provide students with an agenda. Many teachers are also technologically advanced and have websites which provide notes and reminders. Expensive PDAs and Gadgets are NOT needed and are not essential as well.


8. Games:

Nintendo DSI and PSPs and all other electronics are definitely not necessary unless you are doing a show and tell. They are easily lost and stolen.


9. Drugs:

Many love smoking joints and other things. Students have a tendency to pack with them things that are illegal, especially at their age. Many schools have a no tolerance policy for drugs. You may be suspended or even expelled, if found in possession.


10. Big Binders:

It is better to have small binders with different subjects. Your back will be hurting at the end of the semester from carrying all the weight, day in and day out. You probably will be better off buying 2’’ binders.

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