Top 10 Things Not To Do To Avoid Getting Beat Up By A Police Officer

There are some things that you should not do to a police officer. These things have happened before and people have made mistakes, double crossing the officer. Be law abiding citizens and stay out of trouble. This is one advise everyone should be given.


1. Urinate:


One drug dealer was caught urinating on a police officer while the officer was trying to remove 89 bags of dope which were tied to his penis. The police offer saw a lot of things in his career as a cop but never like this. The criminal was Ray Woods. He was already pulled over before on a routine patrol for broken rear light and marijuana finding in the car.


2. Hurt them:

Security officers collect evidence from the site of a suicide bomb attack in Peshawar

Do not try to hurt a police officer who is either arresting you or trying to apprehend you. You really do not want him to use a Taser or even a gun. In fact, the police officer may beat you up before carting you away to a jail cell.


3. Confuse him for the Village People:

Village People

This would be a great joke, but to a police officer this is no joke. He may think you’re either drunk or high on something. The next thing you know you are on the ground being checked for everything you can ever imagine.


4. Report him/her:

If you got a ticket, never go report the police officer to his/her superior. You may have a better chance at winning a case if you never reported them. In fact, most police officers will not come to the courtroom for minor cases. But if you were a difficult one, causing too much headache, you may be out of luck. One of my friends did that. The police officer came gunning for her even harder.


5. Offer bribe:


Sorry guys, this does not work. You cannot bribe a police officer. In fact you may find yourself in trouble with the law and also on the ground with a foot on your body. Arrested definitely!


6. Run:

Man running away from woman

Don’t run, just listen and follow instructions. Don’t think that alcohol can outrun the police officer and his squad, helicopters and force. They will track you down like a hawk.


7. Yell:


Stay calm. Do not start yelling, it may not work in your defense. In fact, the police officer may remember you even more for being difficult and for not co-operating. The more you yell, the more you can get apprehended.


8. Harass:

Come on to them

Harassment includes taunting. Never taunt a police officer as that may also not end well for you. Also do not come close to them, as they may fear for their life and go after the gun to stop you from coming any further.


9. Swear:


Definitely this will tick the police officer off. In actuality, this may even make the police officer retaliate. One of my mentees told the police officer the F word. He was tased and taken to the ground within seconds.


10. Come on to them:


Do not use your sexuality to try to get to police officers. In fact, you may look like you are soliciting the police officer.


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