Top 10 Annoying Elements In RPGs Today

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Generally speaking, RPG fans are already accustomed to the clichés and repetitions found in their favorite game genre. It is kind of comforting to know what to expect – even from the moment when you read title of the game – and now, many fans of the role-playing games are starting to grow bored with certain repetitions as well as, why not admit it, long winded storyline, character builds, NPCs and so on. Let’s review the most irritating elements found in modern RPGs.


1. Does the plot really need to be in medieval times?

Wandering and fighting in a medieval setting and an entire world populated with castles, kings and princesses was fun once. In fact, when the RPG genre first appeared, the stories in these games were one of the major appeals. However, everything found on the market in the past couple of years, gives people the impression of a bad remake. The bottom line is that RPGs can exist outside the sixteenth century and the Mass Effect series is the living proof of that.


2. What happened to the content?

Many passionate gamers happily recollect the times when they needed several weeks at least to finish a game. Nowadays, they complain that the RPG world is filled with DLC and expansions. In order to get a clue about the lack of interesting content these days, you only need to look at the recently released Diablo 3. It was perhaps one of the most awaited games of 2012 (it took 11 years to develop), yet the content was completed in less than 6 hours; this is true in normal difficulty mode.


3. Totally uninspired hero names

Some games allow the players to choose the name of the heroes, while others really like to spoil it by giving their characters silly and goofy names. The harsh reality is this: even the most stereotypical Japanese RPG on this planet cannot justify naming the main hero ‘Knight Swordmaster’. On a side note, in the defense of the Final Fantasy hero – Cloud – it is enough to say that even though his name is rather ridiculous, he earned his chops.


4. If you’re going to use voice acting, don’t skimp

Back in the days, voice acting was not “a must-have” for the genre and people were free to let their imagination do the work for them. However, the new hype is to attribute a voice to the heroes and other secondary characters. The problem here is that not all voice acts are rich in character personality or memorable and at times, the heroes’ voices are enough to break or make the game. Basically, add a bad speech to a show of poor voice acting and you will surely not impress anyone.


5. There are too many kids in the story. Really, stop it!

There is not a single RPG game that does not include kids in the story, from orphans whose parents were killed by the villain (like in most of them) to child princes ruling over entire kingdoms. Even though nobody is against including children in role-playing games, many players like us believe the developers are overdoing it.


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