Top Ten Car Insurance Companies

A car insurance company and its policy protects people  you the financial damage of a car accident, especially if you are at fault. There’s more to every car insurance policy, however, than just accident protection.

A car insurance policy can  also assist you with roadside assistance, usually for a very small additional  fee. This can assist you in urgent need, especially when you have a flat tire to a dead battery or need help getting locked-in keys out of the car. For those without roadside assistance elsewhere, this option adds value to an insurance policy and is often cheaper than a similar plan elsewhere.

Covering Personal Property Everywhere

Car insurance and home insurance can be combined to provide comprehensive coverage. While a car insurance policy provides very little coverage for personal property that is stolen in the vehicle, a home insurance policy can assist you in filling in the gaps that car insurance policy missed. So while the car policy looks after all of that broken window, the home insurance can replace all the valuables that were lost.

About the 10 Best Insurance Companies

Knowing you have selected a good car insurance company gives you peace of mind you will want before you get in an accident, have your car stolen, or encounter any situations that involve you having to make a claim. You don’t want to find out too late that your car insurance provider isn’t up to par.

This Top 10 list contains the top ten best auto insurance companies based on affordability, value of services, and revenues. Because, after all, what good is having a rock bottom rate if you don’t get enough in return or can’t get the help you need when you need it.



Car Insurance Companies

Tips to Lower Insurance:

1. Get a quote and apply online:

Auto insurance coverage may be standard throughout your province or state, but insurance premiums are  whole different ball game. Coverage from one company to the next varies, sometimes by the hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. The only way to make sure you are getting the best price for your policy is to compare, compare, compare. The way to compare is to do it online.

It’s a common myth to think that all car insurance companies rate the same. This leads a lot of people to think that with their particular situation, be it a ticket, an accident, or status as a new driver, they can’t get a better rate anywhere else. Car insurance companies all have their own system of rating a policy, and each gives a different amount of rate to the various factors that go into determining premiums. That means shopping around can benefit just about anyone.


2. Make sure all your cars are on the same policy:

Many insurance companies offer “Multi-vehicle discount” for customers who insure more than one car on the same policy. This can bring you large savings for all cars that are insured under one policy.


3. Insure both your car and home with the same company:

As we mentioned this before, it may be a wise idea to insurance both the home and the car together. Many insurance companies offer this savings as an incentive to get your property insurance business too. It’s all legal and a very great way to get another discount off your premiums.


4. Increase your deductibles:

On the surface, this works well. If you increase your deductible, your premiums (the amount you pay each month/quarter/year) will go down, meaning your monthly bills are lower. You can chip hefty percentages from your insurance bill just by making this move.

The first thing to note here is that the purpose of insurance is to insure that you’ll survive financially due to an unforeseen event. We don’t have homeowner’s insurance because it’s fun – we have it because it will help us start over with a new home should our house burn to the ground. Without it, most of us would financially sink. The same goes for renter’s insurance – it’d be tough to lose all of your possessions in a fire without any way to recover. Again, with automobile insurance – if you total your car without insurance, you might be sitting holding just a car loan and nothing to show for it.

Obviously, if you have a ton of money, insurance on smaller things is a lot less important. People with huge bankrolls have no need to carry full insurance on their cars – they just cover the parts that might worry them or that they’re legally required to cover.


5. Accident Forgiveness  Does Not Mean You’ll Never Pay an Increase.

Accident forgiveness is a great way to avoid an insurance increase for your first accident. But you have to remember that it has limitations. All insurance companies have situations that are excluded from the forgiveness program. And if you switch insurance companies, that forgiveness won’t come with you – the new insurance company may charge you for an at fault accident that is on your record.


6. Drive carefully:

Your driving record is one of the best indicators in determining your insurance rate. Tickets affect your insurance rates for up to 3 years and accidents stay on your record for at least another 3 after that! With a bad driving record, you can find yourself paying a lot of extra premium over the years.


7. Drive a “low-risk” car:

Putting your money in a low risk investment  should be on everyone’s minds these days. Of course, you didn’t fail to look at bank savings deposits, fixed income bonds, money market accounts, bank deposits, mutual funds and even blue chip stocks as your options. However, if you want to consider long term gains and savings, you need to look at other types of low risk vehicles that most investors fail to think about.


8. Don’t drive to work:

The more you are on the road, the higher your chances of getting in an accident. Insurance rates are higher for people who commute to work. So taking the bus or sharing a ride will not only help you save on parking and gas, but will help lower your insurance premiums.


9. New driver? Take a driver’s training course.

Licensed drivers who have completed an approved drivers training course in the last 3 years pay lower premiums. Safer drivers pay lower insurance rates.


10. Have an anti-theft device installed in your car.

Insurances are not stupid. They recognize it when your car is less likely to be stolen if you have an anti-theft device installed in your vehicle. Check to see if your company offers this “Alarm or anti-theft discount” and consider if the price of the technology is worth the added savings. If you already have an approved, factory-installed alarm in your car, we will take this into account when determining your rate.

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