Top 10 Social Networking Mistakes you Should Never Make

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These days, people are using social media for their business needs as well as personal needs. But, whatever the reason may be, they are bound to make some mistakes. Some of these mistakes go unnoticed and does not affect anybody much, but in the other cases, these mistakes might turn out to be disastrous. Always remember, whatever you are doing on the social media gets revealed in front of your friends and your contacts on the particular social media. So you need to be very careful while using these. Let us discuss the top 10 social networking mistakes committed by people on social media and why you should not make them.


1. Avoid Self- Promotion

self promotion

The greatest mistake one can make at the social media is to think of it as a sales page rather than as a social networking platform. Even if you are using social media for business needs and nothing else, you do not have any right to put up promotion posts all over and in all the groups you can access and even in the inbox of your friends. Remember, people are on Facebook and Twitter to socialise, to have contacts with other people, not to react to your promotion posts. Putting up a post every week or telling some friend during chat is fine, but over-promotion is not good.


2. Do Not Put Inappropriate Comments

Inappropriate Comments

Great people have remarked that- “If you can’t say anything good, staying quiet is a better option!” there are such people who put inappropriate comments on other people’s posts all the time. They have no other work to do, just commenting on what other person has posted. Since comments on a post are publicly visible, this might put the reputation of the other person on stake as well. Hence, it is advisable to think twice when putting useless comments on other people’s posts. Better you just say Dislike or disagree then going any further.


3. Take Care of Quality, Not Quantity

quality posts

If you think putting a large number of posts over the social media is going to enhance your popularity, you are definitely wrong. Even if you do not post regularly, but you post quality content, people would like you and they would wait for your posts to arrive., in the extreme cases, they might even request you to share your thoughts and start a conversation with you themselves.


4. Be Reactive


Many people just post their status expecting others to like it when they themselves do not like any other status of a friend or even have a conversation with any other person. Yes, that’s true! I have come across many people who just use Facebook to update their status and Twitter to tweet something. Then after some time, they just check how many likes have arrived and how many people have followed it. But this is not a good thing. You have to be reactive. If you cannot do anything, At least reply to people’s messages and thank them whenever they like your posts.


5. Do Not Leave Grammatical Errors

grammatical errors

English is the major language of communication on most of the social networking platforms. But unfortunately, not many people are good at English. If you are one such person who does not know English well, make sure that you proofread your post before uploading it. Spellings and grammar errors would make you a subject of fun and laugh at the workplace. Also, your reputation would be at stake if you post such messages with errors.


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