The Top 10 Celebrity Private Islands – Exciting Getaways and Novelty Investments

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There are several ways in which the rich and famous like to flaunt their wealth. Some buy private yachts worth millions while others spend millions on a piece of art. Owning private islands is a popular status symbol and many celebrities seem to own their own secret domains across the seas. This list covers the top 10 celebrity private islands across the world.

1. Necker Island, Caribbean Sea – Sir Richard Branson

Necker Island Richard Branson

Bought for an estimated 180,000 pounds in 1979, this island is owned by Britain’s most flamboyant business tycoon. The island has pristine bays, clear sands and beautiful corals to provide the best private getaway possible. Surprisingly, one can rent this place for a whopping $15000 for a day. Recently, Google co-founder Larry Page’s wedding nuptials took place here.


2. Mago Island, Fiji – Mel Gibson

Mago Island Mel Gibson

Living in the Fijian islands is a dream for anyone and Mel Gibson bought his for 15 million dollars. With a total acreage of 5400 acres, this is one the largest private islands owned by a celebrity. The actor chose this because it is totally uninhabited and away from civilization.


3. Musha Cay, Bahamas – David Copperfield

Musha Cay David Copperfield

Famed magician David Copperfield’s islands in the Bahamas have long been on the lists of the best celebrity islands. With a total cost of $50 million, these four islands have an overwhelming free spirited beauty.


4. Little Halls Pond Cay, Bahamas  – Johnny Depp

Little Halls Pond Cay Johnny Depp

Soon after filming the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’  franchise, Depp wanted his own private retreat which he finally bought in Little Halls Pond Cay in the Bahamas. A private harbor, six clear beaches, a palm lined lagoon and a relatively cheaper cost of $3.5 million, Depp could not have got a better island.


5. Blackadore Cay, Belize – Leonardo DiCaprio

Blackadore Cay Leonardo DiCaprio

With plans to convert this 202 acre long beautiful island into an eco-friendly resort, Leonardo is doing his bit for the environment and living a luxurious life as well. Located near the Great Barrier Reef, this Belizean island is well-connected to the world as well (a major drawback with other secluded islands).


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