Top 10 Reasons Why It Is Stupid to Make Marriage a Grand Affair

Marriage is the most important day in a person’s life. It marks a new beginning of life. So in order to make it even more special, people make a lot of arrangements, calling all of their relatives, friends and acquaintances. Instead of making bride and groom’s day special, these preparations make them feel uncomfortable and nervous. Marriage is always considered as a pious occasion of meeting of two souls which is done through the rituals that have been inherited from our ancestors. Thus, marriages always have religious values attached to them but nowadays, for people, marriage is an event, attended just for fun and entertainment, thereby keeping the traditions and culture aside. And also some people attend marriages just to observe the arrangements and to criticize the mismanagement. In order to show to those critics, people then make wedding a grand affair which is not right.


1. Wastage of Time

wastage of time

Not only money but time is equally wasted in celebrating weddings on a large scale. There are a number of ceremonial activities before and after the marriage and so as to make it a show, people make large arrangements even for small functions. Thus, here time is unnecessarily wasted of the guests who come to attend the functions as well as the hosts who go on making one or the other arrangements. And according to the famous old saying, ‘time once gone, never returns back’. Yet, people neglect the value of time and enjoy wedding parties, killing their precious time. As we see that the feasting part is kept at the last while the marriage fun starts in the beginning and stretches till the end which restricts people from going back to their routine life and in this way, a lot of time is wasted.


2. Useless Extravagance

useless extravagance

To make wedding a grand affair, people spend a lot of money in its arrangements. Right from the booking of the wedding venue to the catering in the party, a large amount of money is spent which could be seen as a complete wastage. As we come across many wedding parties where very expensive and large banquet halls are booked despite the guest list being short. Also the number of food varieties range up to hundreds at some places which is nothing but just being spendthrift. In Christian weddings, just to boast about, people order highly expensive cakes. It is stupid to spend millions when the same event could be done in less. People in order to impress guests go on carelessly spending their money which in no way is related to the future of bride and groom.


3. Making people tiresome

making people tiresome

Energy here refers to the manual labor. As we have observed that there are countless number of tasks to be done in order to make marriage arrangements where not only the servants but the family members, relatives and friends, all get engaged in some or the other kind of work. Sight of people running from one place to another is the most common one. And when the wedding is to be done with a grand celebration then this workload increases to its utmost extent. Not only manual but also mental workload is too much on people, which consumes all of their energy, leaves them tired and as a result their enjoyment comes to an end. This implies that instead of enjoying the wedding, the preparation of events makes people tiresome.


4. Overuse of Resources

overuse of resources

The large amount of resources used in a grand wedding is often wasted a lot. Innumerable food items and in their excess amount are mostly wasted as they are not entirely consumed. Not only edibles but also indirect resources like coal and LPG are overused which later prove a great wastage. It is better to feed those who are dying of hunger and utter poverty than to waste our valuable resources provided by nature. Therefore, people act stupid in wasting a lot of money and resources where things can settle down at less.


5. Source of pollution


Parties are a major source of noise pollution. And when it comes to a wedding party, then the extent of noise pollution is at its heights as loud music is an essential part of the wedding party. People invite famous DJs and get engrossed in loud music which continues till late night and it therefore creates a lot of nuisance and disturbance to those who live in the nearby area. Not only this but also a lot of garbage is disposed off in the open areas which pollutes the environment, that leads to the spread of diseases. In making weddings a grand event, the list of guests is also grand, so the number of motor vehicles automatically increase which eventually leads to air pollution as well.


6. Spread of Social Immorality

Social Immorality

Grand weddings endorse the feeling of competition and jealousy among people, thereby infecting the society with immorality. As we observe, people are always ready to match their pace with every prevalent modern trend, the same way, marriages have also become a mere competition where everyone is trying to spend more money to make marriages a grand celebration. Even those who are unable to afford the high expenses of a large scale wedding, they too do not lag behind in doing so, even if they are under a huge debt. Thus, spending a lot of money just for showing off and in others’ imitation, people neglect the traditional aspects of marriage.


7. Encouragement of dowry

encouragement of dowry

Though educated people announce to have been given up the tradition of dowry, but indirectly it is still practiced in its full swing by most of them. Expenditure on marriage party is mostly financed by the bride’s side, so in most of the cases the groom’s family pressurizes the other side to give a grand marriage party. This could be considered as a part of dowry. Also the bride’s family, in order to show to the guests, offer many precious presents to the groom’s family which is nothing but an encouragement of dowry.


8. Hindrance to Transport

hindrance to transport

To make grand arrangements for wedding, people actually disturb lives of others. The most prominent example is of traffic congestions. In today’s modern era, almost every middle class family can afford its own vehicle and hence when people go to attend marriage, these vehicles create a lot of traffic hindrances on roads. Also there are many times parking problems to be seen which bar others’ locomotion as well. Also the road DJ act as a barrier to transport that causes difficulties in the movement of other people.


9. An Occasion of Gossip


People act so foolish to invite a big crowd in weddings, even those whom they hardly meet and in return they get criticisms over petty issues. People even invite certain acquaintances who envy them and would never be happy in their happiness. These kinds of guests are always found in every big party who just sit and gossip about one or the other thing. Also sometimes these people spoil the gay ambiance of marriage and spread a negative vibration all over. Yet, people, in order to make weddings an event of show to others, invite so many guests just to become another topic of gossip and hence act foolish.


10. A Painful Memory

painful memory

Marriage is a spiritual bond between two persons who ought to spend their whole life together. But sometimes due to uneven circumstances, partners decide to move away from each other. And their decision then gives a proof of uselessness of making their marriage a grand affair. This adds to one of the haunting memories of that broken relationship. In this situation, not solely the two persons suffer but also sentiments of families from both sides get hurt. As we know, the gossip kings and queens do not leave a single chance to taunt on them and therefore the whole idea of throwing a grand marriage party goes in vain.

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