Top 10 Best Current Cricket Fielders 2013

Cricket is among the world’s most renowned games, the origin of cricket is from England, and this game started in the 16th century and has a very strong history. Cricket is other words is a legend itself and this legend has given birth to many other legends in the face of some extraordinary brilliant cricket players including batsman, bowler and fielder. A cricket match is played between 2 teams and each team is based on 11 members, every team bats turn wise, 2 batsman of a team are on the field initially and when all the batsmen of a team are dismissed, it’s the turn for the next team to bat. While the members of one time are at the batting position, one member of the opposing team serves as a bowler who delivers the ball while the rest of the players fulfill their role as a fielder.

The responsibility of the fielders is to catch the ball as soon as the batsman hits it in order to stop him from making runs. Other than that fielder has the power to dismiss a batsman, when the batsman hits the ball and if the fielder is able to catch the ball with it being touching the even once then the batsman is automatically dismissed. If the fielder is able to hit the wicket with the ball and the batsman is not inside the crease then also he gets dismissed.

The role of a fielder is as important as of a batsman or a bowler. If any team has strong fielding abilities then they can easily turn the tables because when the bowler has bowled and batsman has hit the ball, the fielder is some` one who can stimulate or manipulate the performance of any batsman or bowler. Cricket history is filled with examples of those matches which were won only on the basis of marvelous fielding. The main postulate of the fielding criteria is that if you have 3 – 4 spell bounding fielders than you easily win a game, all the members of the team do not have to be excelled in fielding, few will easily do the job. In the cricket world we have many superb fielders, the top 10 best fielders of the year 2013 are:


1. Suresh Raina:

Suresh Raina

Suresh Raina is an Indian cricketer; he made his ODI debut in 2005 against Sri Lanka at the age of 18. He was also an important part of the Indian cricket team when they won the world cup, we can say that it would not have been possible for India to win the world cup without him. He is not the best fielder in India but also in the international cricket. He holds the record for the maximum number of catches in IPL. Good fielding has been the key to India’s success in many series and Suresh Raina is man who knows how the key works. He has the safest pair of hands in the Indian cricket team.


2. David Warner:

David Warner

Often addressed as the best fielder in the world David Warner is an Australian cricketer. He is left hands batsman and opener in the national team. Having made his debut in era between 2008 he is an aggressive players and sensational fielder. As a batsman he is like a machine gun and as a fielder he is like an electric field, attracting all the balls. He is the first player after 132 years to get selected to play in the Australian cricket team without any prior experience in first class cricket.


3. AB de Viliers:

AB de Viliers

AB de Viliers was born on 17th February 1984 in South Africa and is a member of South African cricket team. He currently serves as the captain of the One day international team and is regarded as the best fielder in International cricket, in fact he is considered as the best fielder of South Africa after the legendary player Johny Rhodes. Viliers is one of his kind and we never get this kind every day.


4. Virat Kohli:

Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli was born on 5 November 1998; he is an Indian cricketer and serves as a middle order batsman. He was a prominent member of the Indian team who won the world cup in 2011, Virat’s performance was great and worth appreciation in the team. Apart from being an outstanding batsman he is a thrilling fielder, in fact he is among the best Indian fielder. He is an absolute legend, his demonstration in the field, the show he puts on air while catching a ball compels the audience to skip their breath, his movement in the field is blatantly smooth.


5. Kieron Pollard:

Kieron Pollard

Keiron pollard is a West Indies player, he is often referred to as the air borne rocket when in the field, and he is a lethal fielder who never blesses any ball. When he is in action the audience is bound to hold their breaths & hearts. He is an aggressive all-rounder but due to his strong & bold physique he makes an excellent fielder. He is that player who has the power of turning the tables of the entire game by taking making impossible catches. His presence in the field alone is a threat to the opposite team.


6. Eoin Morgan:

Eoin Morgan

Eoin Morgan was born on 10 September 1986, he served for Ireland in the beginning but after some time he started playing for England. He is right hand batsman who is also an amazing fielder. England has found such a talent after a very long time; he is jewel for which England was searching. He stuns the audience with his flawless performance, he is like a capsule that strives for the target and then captures it in his embrace.


7. DJ Bravo:

DJ Bravo

DJ Bravo is a West Indian cricketer; he was born on 7th October 1983. He was member of the West Indies team who won t20 ICC world cup in 2012. He made his debut in 2002 and over the past decade he has convinced the cricket world that he is a spell bounding player. He is a flexible, smooth and composed fielder who holds a very prominent position in every match he plays. When in the field he is the magnet who gets attracted towards every ball.


8. TM Dilshan:

TM Dilshan

TM Dilshan was born on 24th October 1976 in Sri Lanka and joined the national cricket team in 1999, since then he has remained a part of the Sri Lankan cricket team. He serves as the right hand batsman but it is not his cup of tea, his main role in the team is as a fielder. When in the field he is absolutely lethal and aggressive, he never spares any ball. He is a brilliant fielder and uses some unique techniques. He dives into the field with such energy that it leaves all the other players mesmerized.


9. Umar Akmal:

Umar Akmal

Umar is a Pakistani cricket player; he was born on 26th may 1990. He is currently one of the most reliable and best players Pakistani cricket team currently has. He absolutely decent and safe in the field there fore he is the best fielder in the Pakistani team. Having made his debut in 2008, due to his extraordinary performance and mind work he soon rose as the best Pakistani fielder.


10. Martin Guptil

Martin Guptil

Martin Guptil is a New Zealand based cricketer, he was born on 30th September 1986. He is currently serving as a batsman in the New Zealand team but he is also an outstanding fielder who happens to be in his best shape this year. Although he has only two toes in his left leg, having lost the other three in the accident, this tragedy has no influence in his performance as a cricketer; he is absolutely well balanced, flexible. He has managed to create as distinguished identity in the cricket world not as a batsman but as a fielder. He is one of the best fielder New Zealand team currently has.

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