Top 10 Weirdest Spa Treatments

Who is not interested in a rejuvenating experience of healthy glowing skin, better shinier hair? Everyone does, and when it comes along adventures treatments. Here we will give you top ten weirdest spa treatments which are totally different from the dreary ones you have experienced till date.


1. Snake massage:  

Snake massage

It is one of the most adventurous and bizarre spa treatment you can have. In this it lets the non- venomous snakes to roll and slither on your back and shoulders. This is the most petrifying way of getting relaxed. Talmei Elazar in Israel is the most famous place for this treatment. So, one who is phobic of snakes must go for this relaxation therapy and this 90 min therapy to some blissful moments of his life.


2. Cactus Massage: 

Cactus Massage

This treatment is popular in Mexico where the needles of the cactus are removed and mixed with local things like chocolate, vanilla or honey to give it a more ornamental look. This $180 massage for 50 min is a revitalizing massage that will rehydrate your muscles and removes the toxins from the body using the Nopal paddies of the cactus plant. Also, sometimes the warm meringue of cactus is mixed with tuna (cactus blossom) and pulque and blended with tequila or sage oil and now this therapy is called Hakali massage.


3. Beer bath: 

Beer bath

This massage therapy is specially for those who love beer. This massage therapy is famous in The Czech Republic whose cost is just $34 for 20 min of bath. The hot beer bath along with its own beer foam soothes your body with medical benefits. The medical benefits are extended to hair, skin, nails and steady blood circulation of the body. The yeast included in the bath nourishes the body with vitamin B, proteins and saccharides which in turn enhances the charm and glow of the skin. 


4. Face slapping:

Face slapping

Have you ever imagined slapping can be fun and being slapped being beneficial to the skin? Yes, this unique form of massaging is well known in Thai where the Bangkok masseuse slightly pinches and slaps your skin which in turn restores your non wrinkled skin and even reduces your pores. This therapy costs $350 for 15 minutes and is highly used when the client is into pain or has any humiliating experience to restore his youthful blissful skin.


5. Snail massage: 

Snail massage


This massage technique is highly popular in Tokyo, Japan. In this, organically raised snail’s slime is applied to your face which makes your skin softer and shinier. This is first experienced by the farmers of Japan who realized their cuts healed faster with the snail’s mucus. You don’t have to worry to get this renewable resource as snails slime creams, masks and massages are cheaply available in the market.


6. Gold Massage:

Gold Massage

You may be familiar with the gold facial, but applying 24-karat gold to your face is one of the weirdest spa techniques. This technique is useful to revive your skin by removing your dead cell and oxidizing your skin. This will regenerate your youthful skin. This is highly popular in Japan and is one of most expensive treatments in this field. This treatment includes applying a paper thin sheet of gold on your face with some other hydrating compounds which results into some glorifying effects.


7. Blood facial:

Blood facial

This therapy includes the injection of blood’s important attributes like the platelets, serum and fibrin beneath the lower surface of your skin. The blood is injected using nine hole micro needle which is injected into your face creating some pores with some stamping movement. This technique generates natural tissue regeneration which is considered to be the replacement for plastic surgery which is considered to be a very painful experience. So to have a rejuvenated cell without that painful experience has been introduced and is considered to be weird.


8. Gem Spa treatment:

Gem Spa treatment


This one is unique among all in which energy suitable for the skin is provided through the natural gems. The precious stones like the sapphires, rubies and amethyst are placed on the important points called chakras which provide important nutrients like zinc, copper, magnesium or silica to the skin. These minerals are also included into creams and this mineral rich cream is very useful for anti aging. Also it gives a very blissful and replenished skin at the cost of dent in your pocket, since it is again one of the expensive techniques available.


9. Snow cave Treatment:  

Snow cave Treatment

This is again a very different technique from the previous ones. An artificial snow cave is created which gives the atmosphere of extreme cold and is preferable after a hot sauna technique. This helps in reducing the pores and tightens the skin and also reduces the hypertension.


10. Fish Pedicure: 

Fish pedicure

Some special fishes having suction-shaped mouth like Rufa fish are used in this technique. These lack in teeth and nibble the dead skin from the feet. This technique was started in London but now has reached to U.S., U.K. and Europe and helps in curing diseases like eczema and psoriasis. Also it soothes the muscles and helps in relaxing the lower part of our body.


The world has introduced so many techniques from snakes to snails, including blood, snow, gold, gems and what not. The above are surely some of the weirdest approaches to have a glowing, rejuvenating and freshening skin along with preventing yourself from being aged.

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