Top 10 Things You can do for Your Parents That can Make Them Happy

In today’s busy life, it’s getting hard for people to stay close to their loved ones. But calling things difficult and pushing the dust under the carpet is no way out. One has to make efforts to make things work especially when it comes to relationships. If people around you are happy with you, life gets much easier. Although, as per the famous saying, you can’t please everyone, but no matter what one has to say, parents play a crucial role in our life and the presence of parents and the sort of relationship we share with them has a direct impact on other aspects of our life. Nobody can repay what our parents have done for us but neither one can deny the fact that any relationship works best if it is arranged according to the two-way, give and take set-up. Even if your parents don’t expect anything in return of what they have done for you, it is always warm to do something for them and pleasantly surprise them. Let them know how much you love them. So here we come with a few tips to make your parents happy and feel proud of you. These things are quite simple and small and can be adopted by a person of any age. And we always say, take care of small things and larger ones will automatically fall into place.


1. Stop being selfish

Stop being selfish

Don’t run to your parents only when you need them or do things for the sake of it. Love your parents and care for them, not because they are the authority and will favour you when you are good to them. Instead, put your effort in strengthening the bond and nurturing an healthy relation between you. If you will fake things, they might someday end up turning sour and hurt both of you. Show them you love them, because you actually do. After all its lovely to see your parents smile especially when the reason is you.


2. Accept your mistake

Accept your mistake

At the first place, don’t like and even if you end up doing something wrong, don’t hide it. Go and admit your mistake rather than piling up lies and excuses on it. Resolve the issue and realize that you are, may be, wrong and owe an apology to them. They will understand your part and quickly forgive, as soon as you apologize.


3. Share their problems

Share their problems

If your parents look stressed, leave everything aside for a few minutes and ask them what is wrong and if you can do anything to help them out. If they don’t want to share then it’s OK, don’t annoy them and be careful of not encroaching in their personal space. And if they choose to share with you, carefully listen without interrupting. Sometimes even you can be the cause of their concern, so stay calm and collected when they speak. And once they complete, console them and try to fix the problematic and even you can’t, at least assure them they need not worry. And no matter what the problem is and whether they speak their heart out or not, make sure try to cheer them up and make sure you hug them or kiss their forehead before you leave.


4. Do little things for them

Do little things for them

Remember their special events, like birthdays, anniversary or the day you all moved to a new house and celebrate it. You can take them out or purchase a gift for them, do something remarkable. Apart from it, you can prepare breakfast for them on a random day or surprise them with movie tickets. Praise what they cook for you and when it is delicious, go to them and make them taste it with your hands. You can prepare handmade cards or scrapbook for them. You can apply varnish on your mum’s nails or knot a tie for your dad. These little affectionate things convey all that is never said and your parents love to see when their child is respecting family moments.


5. Be grateful

Be grateful

They may never say but they have done a lot for you, you may ignore but they love you a lot, they don’t expect anything but it is your duty to do something for them. Even if you can’t do anything for them and are very very busy in enjoying your life and work but at least take some time out to pay gratitude for things they have done for you, the sacrifices they made and loving you even when you totally pissed them off. Do it occasionally, say it with flowers or give a ‘thank you’ card or simply hug them and say ‘Thank you and love you’. Stop pulling away, not only it will make them happy and take you closer to them but will also add to the cherishable memories for both of you.


6. Spend time with your parents

Spend time with your parents

Forget all the tips and stop worrying about how make parents happy. Just take some time out and be with your parents. For parents children are the best thing that happened to them. But when you ignore them they feel hurt and lonely and as they grow old they are in a constant urge of company. Thus, try to spend some quality time for your parents. You can watch their favourite TV show together or have dinner with them; take them out for a family picnic or you can simply stay at home and have an hearty talk with them.


7. Never Argue

Never Argue

whatever age or gender you belong to, you can never deny the fact that your parents are more experienced than you, thus you have to think and listen with respect what they have to say and try to agree with them. And if you don’t, then keep your points respectfully in front of them. Don’t ever yell at or argue with them. It will more than making the matter worse, hurt them deep and they will end up believing you don’t respect and need them. Even if it is their mistake, at least listen to them and don’t talk rude with them or blindly criticize them. They only want to do good to you.


8. Be Responsible

Be Responsible

If you are a responsible child, not only it will make your parents feel proud of you but will establish their trust deeper in you. Take care of your siblings, help them when they need something, don’t disturb your parents much over petty issues. Take care of yourself and be responsible for your actions, excel in whatever you do. Make sure you are truthful to them and don’t do anything which can hurt them. Respect the boundaries they have set for you, but that doesn’t mean you have to restrict yourself from doing what you wish, but just take care that you don’t cross the line so that they don’t have to keep an eye on you. Whatever independence is given to you, be happy with it and make occasional use of it. Too much use of freedom can be troublesome for them. This will make you mature and your parents confident about your actions.


9. Be Cooperative

Be Cooperative

Despite everything else, it is your duty to help your parents when they need you or even when they don’t need you. You can do little things for them, like peel the vegetables, trim the grass wash the car for them before they go out, dust off the furniture or take your dog for a walk. Moreover, don’t wish for all the attention and instead you can attend your siblings, at times younger ones can be quite annoying. Let them rest for a while and take some time out for themselves which they miss after having a family. But please don’t go gaga over what you do. Keep doing the things silently and they will eventually notice and feel proud of you.


10. Be obedient

Be obedient

As kids grow they start having a mindset of their own and become more decisive about what is right or wrong. They want the complete control of their lives under them. But keep in mind the fact that your parents have done a lot for you and whatever they decide is never against you. Try to obey what they say. Do you chores and anything else they ask you. Do it with pride and do not create a fuss about it. Respect their rules, and don’t do things they don’t like, even when they ain’t around.

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