Top Ten Car Accident Frauds

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Most of you will be horrified to learn that certain people actually come together to work towards scamming auto insurance companies and because they need a scapegoat, you may be their next victim.


1. Paper Accident

This fraud is kick-started when a dishonest person approaches that industry which looks into the repair and maintenance of cars. He tells them that he would like to be associated with such an accident that will make sense or exist nowhere else but on legal documents and papers. Because insurance companies tend to involve themselves only when the claim is above and beyond 1000 dollars, these criminals get away with it.


2. Hit and Run

The criminal will orchestrate a seemingly real hit and run accident and go running to your insurance company. You will have no choice but to pay up the required amount.


3. Swoop and Squat

The swindler will run towards a car that is moving at a great speed and suddenly come to halt, that is, squat, in front of it. An involved individual will appear in his car out of no where and move adjacent to the victim’s who will then try to keep himself from having an accident. The worst part is that chiropractors and doctors are usually involved in such cases.


4. Sideswipe

This criminal in this case will move towards you and force you to have an accident. This is usually done in such intersections that are confusing simply because they have too many lanes and turns. Therefore, when you are traveling on such a street, make sure a car doesn’t overtake you from your left and force you to collide into them.


5. T-Bone

This technique is usually carried out during that time of the day or year when nobody really drives about. This is because the criminals want to make sure that there are no eye witnesses around. The swindler will patiently wait at the mouth of the intersection and smash his car into a passing vehicle. They will then allow their own ‘witnesses’ to speak to the authorities and you will be in major trouble.


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