Top 10 Most Memorable Politicians

Men and women seem to be on fairly even footing — from a demographics standpoint, at least. According to 2012 worldwide estimates from the CIA, for every female baby born on the planet, 1.07 male babies are born, meaning that boys slightly outnumber girls. However, that his-to-hers ratio has evened out over the years, since men are known to die sooner than women.

But for all of that statistical equality, it’s a well-known fact that the places men and women live are often almost always living in a society dominated by the menfolk. The United States has yet to elect a female president, and as of 2012, women held 90 congressional seats, which might sound like a lot but is only 16.8 percent of the total numbers. Female senators are a similarly select group, making up only 17 of the 100 positions. The gender gap has still not been bridged and also extends beyond American borders, since there is less than 10 percent of female government leaders and fewer than one in five female parliament members worldwide.

As governments and organizations strive to close that sprawling disparity and get more women involved in political decision-making, it’s worthwhile to recognize those who’ve already done their parts to achieve that goal. Around the world, here are the top 10 pioneering politicians who have attempted to make our globalizing society a better place, for not just women, but blacks, the proletariat etc.

Here is a top 10 list of most memorable politicians who’ve left an impact on our global village.


1. Jack Layton:

This NDP and the Official Position Party Leader of Canada was the first to be known by his first name. He talked to the people instead of at the people. He advocated for equality and for social justice across Canada and in Ontario.

Why No.1?  For the New Democratic Party, he was the leader who effectively moved them beyond just being a protest party. He gave reactionaries a taste of pragmatism that wasn’t too punitive for palates long familiar to ideological purity. In doing so, he opened the door for the more politically conventional style of the leader who filled his shoes, Thomas Mulcair. One need not be an NDP supporter to be impressed by Layton’s achievements and accomplishments. He therefore deserves to be on this list of most memorable politicians


2.  Barack Obama:

This is one president who is a risk taker who took on a big risk by promising to deal with the debt default by August of 2011. Not many politicians can take such a gamble on their life.

Stephen Rattner believes that the president understanding of the need for a long-term solution to the country’s deficit and other major budgetary matters, such as tax reform, will  most likely “define” his legacy as United States president. Although he was far from perfect and did not achieve much in his first term, President Obama made the effort that most presidents failed to do.


3. Sarah Palin:

This Vice-Presidential candidate was unconventional. Not many predecessors could say they were women running for presidency and a mom of 5 children, oldest being 20 and the youngest being 1 at the time of Presidential elections. She proudly endorsed herself as a hockey mom. AMERICA IS CHANGING!

Why one of the 10 most memorable politicians? In sum, Sarah Palin has have had a significant influence on presidential politics even if she never seeks office again as President or Vice-President. By a long shot bet, she may one day explore a Senate run in Arizona, where she recently purchased property. Meanwhile, I’ll think of her every time a politician makes the jump from campaigning to Fox News or reality television or any as yet untapped revenue stream.


4. Jesse Ventura:

This wrestler won the election for Governor of Minnesota in 1998. He did not follow he predecessors as soon as he entered office. He decided to take residence in his home, Maple Grove, instead of the Governor’s mansion. This created criticism as well as loss of jobs for some.


5. Ross Perot:

This Independent Presidential candidate is definitely unconventional. He announced his presidency on TV in the funniest way. He said that he would run, if voluntary people would put his name on the ballot in 50 states.

Why 1 of 10 most memorable politicians?  Perot (Reform Party) came too close for comfort in his presidential bid and the 2 major parties vowed to never allow a 3rd party be in those debates again after his run. The very REASON Perot got so many votes is because he was allowed into those debates.


6. Robert Bennett:

Although he was indecisive and was inadequate in time of need, no one who knew this Prime Minister can say he did not care about his people. He helped the people in Canada during the Depression in his own way. He helped them by reading their mail and sending them money in return. I have not seen many leaders give out money from their own pockets. Have you?


7. Stephanie Tubbs Jones:

In 1998, she defeated a 30 year incumbent Louis Strokes in the 11th District of Ohio. She ran as a Democratic Candidate. The woman was passionate at what she did. She had large shoes to fill, but she did it and achieved her goals. She was a strong advocate for better health care, helping small businesses and improving education.


8. Margaret Thatcher:

This Iron Woman, the former Prime Minister of Britain, did something not many would see a British politician as doing. She supported the sale of military equipment to Iraq for irregular warfare. Did she not know that the Guelph War was on the brinks? She was also known as the Milk Snatcher because she stopped providing free milk for anyone above the age of 7.

Her legacy?  Former Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, as told by Mr. Blundell, in his book Portrait of an Iron Lady, had some qualities that led to her eventually being elected to Parliament in 1959.  The Iron Lady, her nickname, had a strong commitment to free market economies, limited government and rule of law. She was also well-known for her strength of character, her willingness to fight for a cause that would make Britain stronger and for her ability to understand how government should work. Cannot forget the fact that she made Britons work more hours.


9. Rudy Giuliani:

This politician was unorthodox in his Presidential campaign. He focused on the big states with large primaries, while his opponents did the exact opposite. This may have caused him the presidential candidacy.

Why 1 of 10 most memorable? When running for Mayer he was featured on the Seinfeld episode trying to crackdown on the so called “low-fat yogurt”. Seinfeld made it seem that he won based on his role in closing down the stores pretending to sell fake low-fat products. He is also most memorable for having to deal with the effects of 9/11 when it hit his city.


10. Pierre Elliott Trudeau:

Trudeau tried to change the constitution with or without the consent of the Provinces. Initially after talks in 1981, all but Ontarians and New Brunswickans opposed Trudeau and the rewriting of the constitution. Many provinces went to the Supreme Court in Britain which ruled that Trudeau was doing everything legal but was unconventional.


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