Top 10 Movies About Cancer

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When facing a battle with mysterious enemy- cancer, one needs all the encouragement, compassion, courage to face the enemy and win the battle. Throughout the history of the film making, many directors attempted to shed light on this killing machine. They have used different movie genres to cover it, but the message remains the same, one must find an inner strength and will to take claim his or her life. Let us look at top 10 most influential movies about cancer.


1. “Farrah’s Story”


It is a 2009 documentary filmed by actress Farrah Fawcett and her friend Alana Stewart about Fawcett’s 2.5-year-old battle with anal cancer. It is a deeply personal reflection of a terminally ill actress, who decided to dedicate the remaining of her life to educate people about the cancer, and how little research has been done on this killing machine. It tells a story about faith, courage, hope and positive thinking, as well as love, compassion and commitment.


2. “The Terry Fox Story”


It is 1983-film biopic of Canadian amputee and athlete Terry Fox. The movie tells a story of a courageous man, who became a cancer activist after being diagnosed with cancer himself, and losing a right leg at the age of 18, Fox decided to run from coast to coast with one prosthetic leg to collect money for cancer research. His marathon “Run for Hope” had a goal of raising a dollar from every Canadian citizen. Unfortunately he was not able to complete his marathon, due to cancer metastasized to his lungs. However, his heroic act raised awareness of the public and media to the cancer issue.


3.  “Crazy Sexy Cancer”


It is a 2007 documentary film created by actress/photographer Kris Carr.  It covers her battle of a young woman with epithelioid hemangioendothelioma (EHE), a kind of vascular cancer in the lining of the blood vessels in the liver and lungs. The kind of cancer so rare, that only 0.01 percent of the cancer population has it. Only weeks upon learning her diagnosis, Carr turned her life’s tragedy into an inspiring documentary of her fight for life, making it a courageous story about survival.


4. “Stepmom”


It is a 1998 comedy-drama, directed by Chris Columbus. It tells a story of a broken marriage, two children struggling to make sense of their dad’s new lover, their impending marriage and a fight of a mother for her children’s love, her devo-tion, love, maternal instinct and her lost battle with cancer. The ultimate message is a sacrifice of the whole family in the face of the terminal illness and a new family begging.


5. “Sweet November”


It is a 2001 remake of a romantic drama, directed by Pat O’Connor.  It tells a story of two complete strangers; Nelson and Sarah, whose paths cross, when Nelson unintentionally makes Sarah fail her driving test. As they get to know each other better, Nelson moved in with Sarah only to become her man of the month, “November”. During that month, they teach each other a lot about themselves, and fall deeply in love. The love story ends when Sarah tells Nelson that she is terminally ill, and is dying from cancer. She asks him to leave because she does not want him to face the challenges of taking care of the ill person and she wants to stay forever young and healthy in his memory. The story ends on indefinite note, with them parting in a park, however it is more than a story about two people in love; it is a story of unconditional devotion.


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