Top 10 Thieves Who Were Not Too Smart

Even though most of us do not support robberies, it becomes difficult to not admire those who get away with it. The following thieves almost got away too but their stupidity stopped them.

1. Corey Allan Phong

This robber waited for all customers to leave before he made his move. The manager on duty was a black belt martial artist. During the scuffle the manager threw Phong out, almost making the latter’s pants fall off. Before the robber drove off, the manager took pictures of the car and the culprit. Nailed, Phong was arrested.

2. David Goodhall

David Goodhall along with two women tried to steal a few curtains from a store in South Yorkshire. The three were oblivious to the fact that the home supplies shop was holding a store detectives’ convention.


3. Charles A. Meriweather

Charles A. Meriweather was 18 years old when he broke into a young woman’s house and raped her. When he realized that she did not have too much cash lying around, he asked her how she managed to pay her bills. She said that she paid by checks after which her ordered her to write out a check for 50 dollars. He was also smart enough to tell her his name after she asked him who she should make it out to.


4. Name Unknown

A thief in England came up with a smart plan to clean out the cash register at a grocery store. He entered the checkout area with a few groceries, threw a 10 pound bill on the counter and gathered the cash register’s contents. The cash amounted to about 4.37 pounds which means that the thief lost 5.63 pounds.


5. Dwayne, Cedar Woods Apartments

To avoid giving out his identity, a Virginian janitor wore a mask when robbing a 7-eleven. While robbing the store, he forgot to take off his uniform which revealed his place of employment and his name, which was stitched at the front of the uniform.


6. Clive Bunyan

Clive Bunyan forced the man at the checkout counter in a store in England to give him all the money it had. His plan seemed quite flawless to him as he was wearing a helmet which covered his face completely. However, this helmet read out “Clive Bunyan-Driver” in big bold letters.

7. Marhshall George Cummings, Jr.

Cummings was tried for attempted robbery in 1976 after which he refused to take the help of a public offender. During the trial, he asked his victim whether she got a good look at his face when he snatched her purse.


8. Topeka Kansas Kwik Shop Robbery

A man tried to rob a Kwik shop in Kansas. When he did not get what he wanted, he tied up the attendant. He proceeded to ransack the counter for 3 hours until the police came and arrested him. Not too smart…


9. Phone call prank

A woman’s car was hijacked by a robber who was not the brightest. Assisting the woman, the police called the woman’s phone which was in the car. They pretended to be people interested in buying the car after reading the newspaper. The idiot met up with the police, getting himself arrested in the process.


10. Carlos Henrique Auad

This man managed to steal a television set from a bar after breaking and entering. The same week he tried to enter the same bar but this time he chose to do it through the roof. He slipped and because he was carrying a gun, managed to shoot and the bullet went through his foot. He left behind a trail of blood.

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