Top 10 Survival Skills

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Imagine you are stuck on an island away from humanity. What if there was a natural disaster (god forbid) and you needed essential skills to survive? What skills would you require to get through an emergency? This list goes through the top 10 survival skills that are essential to survival in emergencies and urgent situations.


1. Shelter:

Before anyone builds a shelter, they need to consider location. After strategically planning a location, the person needs to know how to assemble a shelter which will not be destroyed easily.


2. Fire:

Fire is the key to survivor. Without fire, there is nothing you can cook food on. When stuck remotely, you will also need fire to keep you warm. Otherwise, many people may find themselves with hypothermia and pneumonia.


3. Finding Food:

Being able to get a hold of food is important to survival. Without this item, people would find themselves weaker and unable to complete other tasks related to survival.


4. Finding Water:

Fresh water is the key to survival. You can survive days without food, but you cannot last more than 48 hours without water. You may find yourself dehydrated and weak and unable to survive.


5. First Aid:

Wounds, bites, burns, poisons etc. could occur while stuck in a remote location. Knowing the basic first aid skills is the key to survival.


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