Top 10 Must-Have Prank Apps

Back in the days of cord phones, few of us – at least aside from science fiction writers and a handful of visionaries from Apple – could even imagine the potential of a smartphone. However, now that the communication devices are equipped high-powered processors that are quickly catching up with the resources of the most potent laptops, the sky is the limit. Smartphone entertainment, or “phone-tertainment” if you will, has an unimaginable diversity. But, since we are after all humans, playing pranks on our friends remains one of its main practical applications. Following, I am sharing with you a top 10 collection apps that are mandatory for any iPhone owner with a sense of humor.


1. iSurprise


How much does your friend love his new iPhone? It would have to be a lot, considering how much he spent on it. Wouldn’t it be a shame if his screen suddenly cracked? Well, you don’t have to throw it against the wall causing permanent display damage if you have the iSurprise app! Although it is actually designed with a plethora of customizations for pictures and numerous other features, the beauty of the iSurprise app resides in its ability to simulate a cracked display screen. Surprise!


2. iGun Pro

iGun Pro

Did you hear about the guy who replaced his car’s horn with a recording of gunfire? Traffic was no longer moving so slowly around him. But you do not have to go through all that trouble, thanks to the iGun Pro app. What the iGun does is simulate the sound of twenty guns, from the infamous Glock pistol to the modern day Uzi sub-machinegun. And it also has an astoundingly accurate visual depiction of the gun firing, including smoke, recoil and everything. Don’t go robbing any banks now!


3. Ghost Prank Pro

Ghost Prank Pro

Remember those creepy photos of seemingly normal environments and people who are photo-bombed by ghastly apparitions from beyond? With Ghost Prank Pro, you don’t need to witness paranormal phenomena in order to scare the bejesus out of your friends. This handy iPhone app permits you to take a standard photograph with your phone’s camera and then superimpose ghostly figures. Just imagine the possibilities. However, perhaps you should save this prank for Halloween or a moment with similarly creepy atmosphere for maximum effects.


4. Prankboard: Mr. Rogers


The days of prank calling are over, long live the prank texts! The Prankboard app now enables you to carry out mischievous acts of villainy and prey on your unsuspecting friends with premade jokes taken out Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. Hopefully the developers own full copyright for them.


5. iBeer


If you thought that the norm is drinking beer from the glass, then you clearly haven’t heard about the iBeer application. Well, you won’t exactly be drinking it, but that is what everyone else will believe for a few moments. The iBeer simulates the presence of the golden beverage inside your iPhone case and the fluid’s motion determined by tilting the screen is extremely realistic. At the same time, you can actually replace the beer with another beverage like coffee, coke or champagne. And, another great trick with this app is that you can “pour” it into another iPhone, providing it has iBeer installed. Did we mention that the iPad version is called iBeerKeg


6. iFart


You can keep telling yourself that fart jokes are not funny, even though you laugh at them every time. For the less purist iPhone owners, iFart is another way to draw uncontrollable bursts of laughter and brighten the mood of the most sober meeting. Not only is this application affixed with over 30 hilarious fart sounds, but the real beauty is that you can send them to another person’s phone, set a timer for the trigger or control them manually. iFart confers the ultimate versatility in flatulence.


7. Fake Calls

Fake Calls

Not so much a prank application, but extremely handy in getting you out of tight spots, the Fake Calls app does precisely what its name suggests: it simulates an incoming call. And, best of all, you can preset who the call – or message for that matter – is from. In addition, you can preset the content of the message, as to underline its importance. If you are hopelessly trapped in a tedious conversation that you’d rather not continue but you have no idea how to break it to your interlocutor, the Fake Calls app is just the thing for you. It spares you the pain and saves you precious time, but it is easy on the other person’s feelings, so it’s essentially a win-win situation.


8. Fear 2

Fear 2

You’re taking a bit of risk with this one, but the horrified face of the person handling the iPhone is priceless. Fear 2 presents itself as a pretty standard browser app with all the nuts and bolts in the first couple of seconds, allowing you to focus most your attention on studying its features. However, once you are “immersed” in the experience, BAM! A demonic visage from the 7th circle of hell that would scare the pants off Chuck Norris suddenly appears on the screen. The hazard is, evidently, that the person holding the phone will drop it or throw it against the wall in fright and unfortunately, the developers of the app will not reimburse you for the damage.


9. iBug


Less scary, but an equally valid source of concern for any iPhone owner is that their beloved communication devices could become infested with bugs. Before you go on a wild bug hunt for things to stick in your friend’s iPhone, remember the iBug app. For the faint of heart, the best choice would be to simulate the lovable ladybug Seymour roaming underneath the display, but for maximum effect the cockroach Audrey is recommended!


10. The Ultimate X-Ray

The Ultimate X-Ray

Can The Ultimate X-Ray application make modern medical science obsolete? Are you exposing yourself to dangerous radiations when you use it? Sadly no, you cannot poison your arch nemesis with radiation, but you can perform a neat party trick with this app. In essence, all this application does is to superimpose an x-ray scan over the image of the camera, making it seem that you are actually viewing the bones in your hand. However, it’s so realistic that you actually stand a chance to fool those gullible non-iPhone owners!

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