Top 10 Social Web Blog Sites

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6. Identity Woman


If you want a clear perspective of your personal relationship and your identity as these are shared or stored online then this blog site should be at the top of your list. One will discover the complexities of such variables when considered within the purview of the social web. Kaliya Hamlin provides her comprehensive take on these issues and more in a way that is engaging and thought provoking.


7. Lessig Blog


This popular blog of Lawrence Lessig is all about the legal issues that are relevant to the remixing and sharing of content. It also delves on other legalese and issues affecting public governance and law within the purview of social web.


8. Marc’s Voice


Marc Canter started out to build an image of a pioneering multimedia advocate and one who is instrumental in the birth of Macromedia. He is now known as active and strong voice on the web and creating a lot of buzz every time he speaks his mind in a manner that is sometimes jolting but is always sensitive and thoughtful.


9. Social Business


If you want to explore the approaches and options on how you can use the social web to serve the interest of your organization then this blog site deserves a visit. Jennifer Leggio can share with you some practical tips and guide on how you can start with the social web.


10. Web Strategy


Jerimiah Owyang can provide you with the most practical and important information and guide from the perspective of a corporate setting. This is essential for those who are seriously considering the integration of the social media in the general operation of their business.

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