Top 10 Famous Indian Superstitions List

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Superstition has been like this unavoidable part of one’s society and it has been living within us from many centuries. Superstitions are those small actions or ideas which influences one’s mind of whether to do or not to do something. It even goes to the extent of questioning what is right or wrong and clouds the mind with superficial thoughts. It makes us stop thinking in a rational manner. Of course there are certain principles or ethics which needs to followed, but when it gets out of control it take the shape of a superstition. Sometimes we follow it because we have following it unintentionally from a long period of time or sometimes it is forced upon us by either our parents or the society at large. Whatever be it, some point of time in our lives we have involuntarily followed some of it without knowing its true meaning. Here I’m going to list out top 10 superstitions followed in India in particular. These are prevalent in our society from long period of time. Enjoy the read.


1. Women who are menstruating


Women going through her monthly menstruation cycle or periods are considered to be unclean and impure. They aren’t allowed to either enter the kitchen or even go to temples, any sacred places as such. Only after the certain number of days, she is told to bath a considerable amount of times then only she is allowed to do household works. People forget that when a woman goes through her monthly cycle her body is weak, making her tired while doing hefty household work. So she was told to rest in those few days. But as the time went by, this got totally misinterpreted thus labeling the women as unclean for those couple of days.


2. Warding off evil eye

Warding off evil eye

You would have noticed that when you are all dressed up beautiful for any function, one aunty comes and puts a black mark behind your ears. This is the most famous of the superstitions followed in India which is known as “Nazar Uthaarna” which means removing the evil eye. It is believed that when someone or something is as perfect and beautiful, putting a black mark acts as a flaw in that perfection making it imperfect thus warding off any evil eye. This is even done for babies because they are so cute and people shower them with love. They put the black mark on the baby to avert any evil eye which is believed to keep the babies away from any disease.


3. Tying a lemon and chili

Tying a lemon and chili

It is believed that people who are jealous of other people’s wealth or happiness puts evil eye on them and bringing a whole lot of bad luck on them. If suddenly one you start feeling you are losing your money from your business or met with an accident in your bike or car, people would start blaming someone who has put evil eye on you. So they tie a totem made out of chili and lemon on their cars, bikes, their shops and even outside their house. It is deemed that tying this would ward off evil eye from creating problems. This is one bizarre superstition because one doesn’t know how a fruit and a spice can keep out the bad luck away.


4. Black cat crossing

Black cat crossing

Black cats are considered as a bad omen all around the world from a very long period of time. May be because it was associated with witches, it is said to carry bad luck with it. While going out to do some work if a black cat crosses your path; then it is considered that bad luck will follow you for the whole day. This is particularly very illogical superstition that people follow because that cat like any other animal is just walking around and having its time. It isn’t conspiring your bad luck or even death as a matter. Moreover doing a certain or not depends on a person’s mentality or mood for that particular day. Blaming a non-performance of certain work on a silent creature isn’t going to peace to your conscience.


5. Brides decide the state of her future house


It is believed in the Indian society that a new bride carries her luck into her new house and she is told to put her right foot forward to enter the house. Whatever she does will have an impact on that house, good or bad. Her whole life would be filled with the taunts her family would say even if the dog goes and hits itself accidentally. This ridiculous system followed by the Indians needs a thought process in itself, as we think rationally this whole idea doesn’t make any sense at all.


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