Top 10 Contestable Mental Disorders

The psychiatrists with more radical points of view even suggest that this science has been recurrently utilized to stigmatize people and keep them under control. Let's summarize the top 10 controversial mental disorders from the past and present.

Top 10 Frequently Encountered Misconceptions Concerning Water

The reason why so many people are confused regarding whether or not they should drink water, what type and how much, resides in the conflicting information that is widely accessible on the internet nowadays. While the medical community advocates one thing, you will also be able to find exactly the opposite suggestions somewhere else.

Top 10 Interesting Ways to Help a Recovering Addict Stay Sober

While the backbone of any successful sobriety program may necessarily rest on formal protocols such as attending support group meetings and reading recommended recovery literature, there are many other practices that can help a recovering addict maintain sobriety.

Top 10 Less Known Facts About Epilepsy

Few people are familiar with details regarding the serious condition referred to epilepsy or seizure disorder other than the things depicted in Hollywood movies. Let's find out a few less known facets of this condition.

Top 10 Dangerous Food Additives To Stay Clear Of

Although they are generically dubbed as additives and their role is to enhance the taste and nutritional value of your food, new studies show that they do more harm than good. In spite of the fact that the public is becoming more aware of the dangers of food additives, the truth is that the manufacturers are always one step ahead of them.

Top 10 Calorie Bombs Served In Restaurants

If you are on a diet or trying to shed some extra pounds, then the comfort food themed restaurants are the last place you want to be at. Even though the meals appear to be light, low on calories and healthy, the way they are cooked or the combinations they are served with are sometimes a ticking calorie bomb.

Top 10 Natural Laxatives

A person who has no more than three bowel movements per week is generally considered to be constipated, a condition that limits bowel movements and causes the stool to be small and hard. To fight constipation, many sufferers prefer to use natural laxatives rather than harsh over-the-counter medications.

Top 10 False Beliefs About Medication And Drugs

Over the years, numerous myths and false notions concerning drugs – both prescribed and non-prescribed – have become more and more imbedded in people's minds. Whether as a result of the advertisement campaigns in the social media or their integration within popular culture, most of us take drug issues too lightly and we are not always familiar with the risks and the negative side effects involved.

Top 10 Facts About Volunteering For A Medical Trial

Despite the rapid advances of the last century, the medical profession still doesn’t know everything about the human body’s response to disease, so it’s vital to continue studying how disease impacts the body and to develop the drugs that will fight disease and prolong life.

Top 10 Reasons To Make Your Own Baby Food

When you have just a few kitchen tools, such as a steamer and a blender, the sky is the limit when it comes to making your own baby food. Armed with just a few simple kitchen utensils you can produce a medley of tasty, nutritious and cost effective baby food. Heck, even with a fork you can make a delicious concoction for your tiny tot. Why should you bother? Below is a list of points to consider that would make you a believer.