Top 10 Crazy Celebrity Mansions

If you’re a rock star, a basketball player or a Hollywood A-Lister... then well done you. If you’re not, then, like us, you’re probably dying to see how they live. We’ve found the really wacky, but kind of impressive houses you’d expect from the rich and famous.

Top 10 Celebrities Who Were In Rehab

Celebrities try to maintain a crisp and pristine image at all times so when they fall from great heights and end up in rehab, the contrast is even greater.

Top 10 Celebrity Stunts Gone Wrong

Not all films go as planned. Many celebrities are not the heroes they want people to think of them as in movies. Throughout history, we have lost a number of talented actors and actresses due to errors on the set. We also almost lost a number of actresses, who we cannot think of losing at this moment due to their fame. Let’s take a look at those who tried to aim for the impossible and bit the bullet.

Top 10 Weirdest Celebrity Interviews

We all have had embarrassing moments in our lives. It’s fun to remember and laugh about these moments after. But if you were a celebrity and that embarrassing moment happened on national television? Would you be laughing then? Here are just 10 celebrities, who had some weird moments on nationally televised interviews.

Top 10 Liberal Celebrities Who Are Outspoken

There are a few liberal celebrities who are outspoken. They stand up for their beliefs and are vocal about it. While some are irritating, others are comedic and make a good and lasting impression. Here are just 10 liberal celebrities who are outspoken. Raise your hand if you recognize 1 or 2.