Top 10 November 9 Events

November 9th is a significant date in world history. Major historical developments and events occurred repeatedly on this date. For example in 1918, November 9 marked the end of the First World. In 1989, the same day coincided with the fall of Berlin Wall. Almost 200 years before that, Napoleon annexed France and became an emperor on November 9, 1799. As such, many historians believe that Modern History began and ended on the same date.

Top 10 November 5th Events

November has 3 significant dates in its calendar: November 5, November 9 and November 11. November 5th was a tumultuous day throughout history. History was continuously made by women and African Americans in the United States, rebels and anarchists. As such, here are the top 10 November 5th events.

Top 10 1948 Events

1948 was a momentous year in the 20th century. Globalization was booming, with the arrival of universal doctrines and international organizations. Countries that were part of the imperialist empire became independent. A non-violence resistance leader was assassinated. What a year, what can I say more?

Top 10 October Events

October has been an action-packed month throughout history. There are many momentous occasions which this article would like to make mention.

Top 10 Events of 1968

1968 was a tumultuous year which shook the world on 5 of the 6 continents. From assassinations to student protests to large strikes, we saw it all happen right in front of eyes and on TV. Although tumultuous, it brought success in the market as the auto industry was booming and the race to the moon was making progress. Here are the top 10 events of 1968.

Top 10 Antique Places In The World

The world that we live in is full of pleasant surprises. There are those which have been gifted to man by nature while there are those man has managed to create on his own as a way of proving the talent given to him by God.

Top 10 Worst US Presidents

United States has attempted to elect Presidents to get the job done right. There are various Presidents throughout history who have not stood by their word and have gone against the will of the people. Their decisions and actions are insufficient and unruly. Many of them do not act fast and are also not right for the job. As such, here are the top 10 worst US Presidents.

Top 10 Most Intriguing Historical Facts

There are various historical events that are constantly projected in textbooks and on the news. Some f the facts presented are not legit or correct. There is more to the story than what meets the eyes. This article is devoted to discussing the top 10 most intriguing historical events.

Top 10 Forgotten US Presidents

There are various presidents in US history who were not as famous as Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy. Within their short and sometimes long tenure as President they left one or two important historical marks which should be noted. Here are the top 10 forgotten but yet important US presidents.
Ancient civilizations

Top 10 Ancient Civilizations

It is always interesting to find about our history. In the past there have been many civilizations that were constructed, that thrived well and later were destructed into ruins. Learning about these civilizations gives us an insight into their way of living, their culture, their architecture, their art and their technological inventions.